Arcane Grail - Biography

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Moscow group Arcane Grail is organized in December of 2001 year. It plays in style - symphonic black metal with elements of doom and Swedish melodic death with male and female vocals.
The sense of the name consists in aspiration to some psychological ideal, which is necessary on a way of search of spiritual perfection. The finding of "Grail" gives the divine force and wisdom. Mythological image of Grail itself is connected with a bowl, in which was assembled the blood of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. The group has no christian, or other religious orientation.
After several reshuffles in line-up of the band, now there is a stable concert structure of six musicians: singers, guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboardist. The group plays basically with domestic bands, there was one joint performance with legendary Austrian death-metal group "Pungent Stench".
Arcane Grail was recording debut full-length album in the best Russian record-studio DIE-Records with producer Evgeniy Vinogradov (albums of Catharsis, E.S.T., Butterfly Temple, Forgive-Me-Not, Pagan Reign and others) in the period from August 2004 to March 2005. An album "Mysteries Of Ancient Charnel" describes about the events which have occurred in first half of XVII century in German district Schwarzwald, where is inadvertently insurgent from a tomb by spells of witches, the shelterless spirit of gothic king Ermanarih (real historical person died per 376 year AD) makes evil deeds, which should be untangled by envoy of fading monastic order. In music of an album of collective it is possible to hear practically all existing substyles of metal music (except like melodic-power and industrial), but frame of music of Arcane Grail is melodic-death and gothic symphonic atmosphere together with various black-, death- and opera vocals.
3 August 2006 through Musica Production-label debut album "Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel" is released.
6 April 2007 was the gig with Italian sympho-black metal legend Graveworm in Moscow club "Tochka".
From July 2008 to November 2008 Arcane Grail was recording the second album "Arya Marga" at KIV-Records with engineer Igor Korolyov. After the mastering of an album in January 2009 we've signed the contract with Musica Production again to release the album at Russia. 3 of May 2009 new album "Arya Marga - Ninefold Path to the Innocence" was released. New album is conceptual like the previous release. There are nine songs - nine ways of Vedic knowledge and Weltanschauung, leading the men to Enlightenment. After the presentation of an album Arcane Grail has changed the line-up, fired Eugen, Kir, Anastasia and Alexander. New line-up is.
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