Häive - Biography


2002 The idea of Häive starts to take form. The first notes for a primitive pagan metal tune is composed solely with a piano. This tune is to become the song "Yössä vainajien".

2003 "Yössä vainajien" demo is recorded spontaneously in early summer using only a double-deck recorder. The demo gets self-released in autumn without a proper distribution and with a pressing of only 30 copies.

2004 The first demo still gets the attention of a german UG-label N:C:U, which offers to release the second demo on tape. "Vaiti" is composed and recorded again very spontaneously in late summers' rains. The material differs from the previous demo quite noticetably, bringing acoustic guitar to a leading role. The release gets delayed 'till next year because of the label.

2005 Writings of the third release start early in the year, and recordings are finished in autumn. The material is stronger than ever, and for the first time full lyrics are made and proper vocals recorded. The characteristic style of Häive's music is found when the inclusion of a 7-string guitar, kantele and strong lead guitar melodies brings more depth to the songs.
Release date is in November.

2006 "Epätoivon Vuoksi" tape gets an excellent reception and Häive is offered a deal for a full-lenght album from England. Although it was never intented to make a single full lenght album for Häive, this offer proved that there was at least some interest to this project, and so the tunes for the debut album were eventually composed.

2007 "Mieli maassa" album is recorded in the first half of the year. After the english label goes down before actually releasing anything, the new deal is luckily made with german Northern Silence productions.
The debut album gets released in December.

2008 The debut album gets recognizion all over the metal media with mostly praising reviews. Because all of this fuzz in the media, it was decided that the next release won't be so easily accectable.
So three songs for the new instrumental minialbum "Saimaata ei sanoilla selitä" are composed...

2009 ...recorded...

2010 ...and released in February.
Material on "Saimaa..." is much more experimental than before, including more influences from folk music, cheerful melodies and more presence of kantele, and not a single vocal, or acoustic guitar track. The minialbum is inspired by and dedicated to the Finlands largest and the most diverse lake, Saimaa.

2011 To be continued.