Skálmöld - Biography




Skálmöld is an Icelandic metal band formed in August 2009. The band originally counted 5 members, all of whom had been formerly active in other bands, not all metal. From day one the band started to lay the groundwork to what would become the band's debut album.

After a couple of months a new member joined the band, a keyboard player, and thus it stands today. The sixth member's classical background brought a new dimension to the bands songwriting and various classical, as well as traditional, references can be spotted in the bands armoury.

Skálmöld´s music can be described as a powerful, melodic and epic Viking Metal, mixed with the cold Icelandic darkness along with various folk influences. Kinda like Amon Amarth meets Ensiferum meets Iron Maiden meets Icelandic composer Jón Leifs. The band's lyrical take is ambitious and follows the strict rules of traditional Icelandic poetry.

Skálmöld recorded a 2 song demo tape in January 2010. Those demo recordings were a part in trying to define the band's sound.

With an albums worth of songs Skálmöld went to the studio four months later and recorded their debut album, Baldur. Baldur is a concept album telling the epic and dramatic tale of the Icelandic viking Baldur.

In November 2010 the band signed a deal with the Faeroese record label Tutl, which will release and distribute Baldur worldwide.