Titan Force - Biography

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Colorado Springs in 1983, Mario Flores, his siblings John and Stefan got together to form a metal band. In the beginning the band was named Titan and released a 4-track demo tape a few months later. After the demo release the recruited Bill Richardson as a guitarist/keyboardist. This line up persisted a few years, before they managed to find a vocalist after renaming themselves to Titan Force. Harry Conklin, known for his work with Jag Panzer, joined Titan Force in 1987/88 after being involved with Satan's Host and playing a few live shows with Riot. The band got in contact with Harry in the early days when Titan played a few times as an opening band for Jag Panzer.

Harry Conklin, with his unique vocal style, added a whole new dimension to the Titan Force's sound, which developed from heavy metal to melodic power metal with a progressive touch. The 2-track demo tape with the songs ''Fool on the run'' and ''Immigrant song'' was recorded. But even though Titan Force managed to play a very unique type of power metal mixed with progressive elements, no record company offered the band the ability to release their material at first. Since their first demo didn't get positive reactions from record companies, the band entered the stage once again to record the professional 5-track demo tape entitled ''Blaze of Glory

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