World Under Blood - Biography



Logo used to promote the band before the release of the album.


World Under Blood was formed in September of 2006 when CKY guitarist Deron Miller and acclaimed drummer Tim Yeung encountered each other at the Rainbow Room in Hollywood. The two began rehearsals at AMP Studios in Studio City, and quickly came up with the 3 songs that would ultimately wind up on the 2006 demo.

Tim had moved to Los Angeles from Rochester, NY in hopes of joining an established band that needed a drummer. Tim, who was headhunted by Dino Cizares (Fear Factory) to drum for [band]Divine Heresy[/b], agreed to commit to both bands and Deron began seeking the proper studio to record the first 3 songs, "Dead And Still In Pain", "A God Among The Waste", and "Under The Autumn Low".

Without a completed line-up, Yeung laid down his drum tracks in a day and Miller was left to complete the recording. After the material was tracked, Deron had Logan mix "Dead And Still In Pain" and then begged legendary death metal guitarist turned producer James Murphy to mix the other 2 for free.

Excited about the brutal mixes that were handed in, Deron immediately threw up a MySpace page for the band and posted the 3 songs for streaming. The popularity and the traffic of the site at one time had World Under Blood in the top 5 unsigned bands on MySpace. Panicking, Miller set out to complete the line-up. Guitarist Luke Jaeger was brought on board as a result of a MySpace recommendation.

But the band still needed a bassist. Coincidentally, Tim had a good relationship with Decrepit Birth bassist Risha Eryavec and saw him perform live a few times before recruiting him. At the same time Miller and Yeung frequented many death metal gigs in L.A. and eventually hooked up with Nuclear Blast Records.

Soon after, production began on the debut album in late 2007 in various studios. Once Tim and Deron had finished writing the 8 songs that would appear on the album, drums were laid down quickly and James Murphy and Luke Jaeger were flown in to record guitars and bass. Problems revolving around the CKY/Roadrunner Records relationship forced World Under Blood onto the back burner, delaying the release of their debut album.

Shortly after CKY parted ways with Roadrunner in 2010, Deron finished writing lyrics and flew to James Murphy's house in Lakeland, FL to track all remaining vocals. The completed, unmixed recordings, now entitled Tactical, were now in the hands of James Murphy for mixing, but prior to the vocal recording, and as a result of Deron's random touring and recording schedule, he was forced to take on other projects while CKY first toured, then recorded, and finally struggled to get back on track. After clearing his plate of the huge amount of work he had taken on to fill the gaps between World Under Blood sessions, Murphy was able to mix the album, and Tactical was unleashed in April 2011.