Amogh Symphony - Biography



Consisting of Vishal J. Singh (guitars, programming, mixing) and Jim "Drumblast" Richman (percussion), Amogh Symphony is a progressive metal project formed in 2004. The Ashwamedh EP was released in 2005 in the UK under Kollosal (now defunct) and was distributed in limited copies for reviews. The EP was recognized for influences in its unique progressive metal sound, ranging from eastern music to jazz, and gathered a positive reception from listeners and reviewers.

Within 4 years of existence of this project and mayhem in the underground circuit of Asian metal, Vishal inspired a whole new generation of progressive/technical metal bands not just in his country of India but in the United States, many European countries, and Asian regions like Japan and Indonesia. Reports and evidences clearly indicate that Amogh Symphony are one of the pioneers of the technical metal movement in India. Some other reputed Indian metal bands who changed their sound to more "technical and experimental" side are Infernal Wrath and Undying Inc. The Northeastern part of India is growing up and has given birth to a bunch progressive and technical metal bands and solo artists in the last 2 years.