Furor Gallico - Biography

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"Furor Gallico is the description that the ancient Romans gave of the Celt warriors who prepared for battle and were ready to die to defend their people and land. We are the bards that bring the ancient legends of the celtic world to life again with our folk metal! Our music contains metal riffs with powerful growl and scream vocals blended in with the melodic folk melodies of the violin, flutes, celtic harp and bouzouki."

The band formed in 2007 from an idea of Melissa (bass), Ste (guitar) and Becky (celtic harp). Early on they met Pagan (vocals) and Marco (drums). the band composed its first songs and then the line up grew up by the meeting with Oldhan (guitar) and Laura (violin). The band had its first live concerts and in a short time they met Merogaisus (whistles, bouzouki and bagpipe). The band was completed and ready to record its first demo 390 B.C. - The Glorious Dawn in 2008. After this, Melissa chose to leave the band to follow her own projects and Mac became the new bass player. At the end of 2009, Marco had to leave the band, that announced Simo as new drummer. Furor Gallico published its first full length in June 2010. The album is completely self-produced and self-distributed. The band is now busy with live concerts and is searching for a label interested in distributing the album and to produce the future works.