Imperial Crystalline Entombment - Biography




Features members of Aurora Borealis (US) and Divine Rapture, Blisserred, Bleak, Mammoth and IceSickKill. The focuses on themes of hate, death, ice, winter and the Ravaskeith. Currently they are unsigned and looking for a label, this statement is from their official site: "Imperial Crystalline Entombment and Crash Music have parted ways. Management is currently in search of a label that will help to fulfill the needs and goals of the band as help spread the gospel of Råvaskeith further!"

The band offers this description of themselves on their site:

"Spawned by the cold-hearted womb of frozen northern darkness comes I.C.E. - IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT! Invoking world demise through the ancient power of Råvaskeith's frostbitten left hand. With hateful fury I.C.E covers the earth with there brand new self-titled MCD of blasting painful BlackMetal. A blizzard of speed blasts, foreboding riffs and hellish vocals put I.C.E in the top ranks among the BlackMetal elite. I.C.E secluded themselves in a small shelter in a vast frozen landscape during the great winter of Råvaskeiths' 8th eclipse in order to record this three song promo CD of truly winter inspired blackmetal. This abominable foursome: Mammoth, Blisserred, IceSickKill and Bleak are poised and ready to conquer and entomb this world with the blackhate of frozen snow. In the name of the great Råvaskeith, prepare yourself for the new ICE AGE!"