Chalice Of Doom - Biography




Chalice Of Doom is a melodic doom/death metal band that was formed in Zarqa, Jordan in the beginning of 2010. After some months of writing material, they recorded some tracks for their first full-length album, which contains depressing melodic death doom music with the emphasis being more on the melodic atmospheric side.

In the spring of 2010, Chalice Of Doom began writing and recording their first demo, October Bled before releasing their full-length debut. October Bled saw the band move towards a slow, dark, doomy sound. The demo was recorded and mixed by Chalice Of Doom and mastered by Ahmad Seffo and Azmo Lozmodial.

Immemorial Nightfall was eventually released in the fall of 2011, which included a Saturnus cover.

Chalice Of Doom's first live show (Blast Night II - 2012) was the first show to feature growling vocals in Jordan since 2007 after a lot of problems with the authorities.

This track "Endless Prison" has been featured in "The Underground Alliance Vol.1" compilation presented by Flamecult Records, and has been featured in "The Compilation: Volume 2 - Sounds of the Middle East' presented by