Satan's Penguins - Biography

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Satan's Penguins is a Black Metal band from Sweden, consisting of Killerpenguin - guitar, bass, and saz, and Fishbutcher - guitar. After disbanding in 2003, the group was reformed in 2006. They released one full-length album titled "Birds of Darkness" which received many positive reviews in the metal scene. Their genre is avant-garde black metal with folk influences. The use of saxophone in their music make their music quite unique and lyrics focus on Folklore, Penguins, Batman-influenced movies, etc.

What make this band so interesting is their talent to easily mix all the different sometimes unusual elements into their own unique and amazing style: only professional musicians can dare so much and succeed the prove completely. Satan's Penguins disbanded in September of 2003, citing lack of audience interest in the group. The band is now active again as of 2006.