Black Obelisk - Biography




Black Obelisk was originally founded in 1986 by bass guitarist and vocalist Anatoly Krupnov and guitarists Michael Svetlov and Yury Alexeev. The band made several tape albums consisting of live and rehearsal records but split in 1988, when Krupnov joined famous Russian thrash metal act Shah.

In 1990 the band was reformed and recorded its debut full-length Stena (Wall) with Anatoly Krupnov (vocals and bass), Vladimir Ermakov (drums), Yury Alexeev and Vassily Biloshitsky (guitars). The album had a huge success and quickly established Black Obelisk as one of the leaders of Russian metal scene.

A second album One More Day came out next year and its Russian version Esche Odin Den was released in 1992. Vassily Biloshitsky left the band and was replaced by session guitarist Egor Zhirnov and then by a full-time member Dmitry Borisenkov. In this line-up the band recorded their third classical full-length Ya Ostayus (I'm Staying) (1994) and re-recorded some old hits under the titles Stena (1994) and 86-88 (1995).

It was the very last effort in classical period of Black Obelisk history. Krupnov's alcohol and drug addiction finally lead to band's collapse in 1996. All musicians left the singer and continued their careers on their own. Krupnov tried to pursue his career as a solo artist but on February 27, 1997 died from heart attack during the recording of his new album (later entitled as Post-Albom).

Two years later Black Obelisk was reformed by Vladimir Ermakov (drums), Michael Svetlov (guitars), Daniel Zakharenkov (bass), Dmitry Borisenkov (vocals and guitars) and with help by Yury Alexeev (guitars). New albums Pepel (Ashes) (2002), Nervy (Nerves) (2004) and Zeleny Album (Green Album) (2006) once again proved the band's professionalism and originality and started new era in Black Obelisk history.

Obelisk started recording their next album in 2009, releasing a single "Chernoe/Beloe" (Black/White) the same year, and several tracks in 2010 & 2011.

The latest album, Mertviy Sezon (Dead Season) was released in January 2012, is already considered their best work of Black Obelisk without Anatoly Krupnov. This album is also the last one to feature drummer Vladimir Ermakoff, who was replaced by Max Oleynik in 2011.