Cloud Zone - Biography

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Cloud Zone is a Post-Metal band from Malmö Sweden, formed in 2010 by Erik Silverberg (guitars/vocals/bass). After the split-up by his old Death metal band Seed of life Erik started to write material for a solo-project to try to combine his influences from bands like Cult of luna, Meshuggah, The Ocean and Isis. That idea quickly turned into something different.
Together with Pontus Landgren (drums) Filip Forsström (Synthesizer) they recorded that which now is Cloud Zone's first demo.

The demo got positive feedback from all around the world but stayed rather unknown in Sweden, resulting that no new member were added and the project was abandoned but not forgotten. The band never officially splited-up since they wanted the possibilities to stay open for writing new material for the project in the future.

Erik and Pontus joined the post-rock/metal band Schematics for Gravity and Filip got an ambient/dub solo-project running called IamTrip