Pallor Mortis - Biography

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Pallor Mortis doesn't have an outstanding story about its formation. Its a reunion of 5 musicians that enjoy the same music and seem to get along better than average, some call it chemistry...

The story starts with Peter Lountzis and Vincent O'leary, both playing music together in the same band and that band eventually falling apart, the same way most bands fall apart. Peter and Vince, seeing eye to eye in terms of musical taste decided to try and form an other, better band. They got themselves a USB mic and started writing guitar riffs, and eventually adding lyrics to form full songs. The first song being "Savor the Stench". Vince had just watched a documentary about Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) and decided to write lyrics to "Savor" based on what he had watched. With this decision, came what defines Pallor Mortis on the lyrical side, the band would be themed. Lyrics would only be about Tyrants and the terrible things they did in history. Peter, pursuing school in nursing, eventually came upon the subject of the stages of death. Pallor Mortis (Paleness of death) being one of them. he decided to make it the band name. It suited the band perfectly, the name could be used for a death metal band and hinted at a darker, more blackened side and it still fit the band's historical theme due to its Latin origins.

After having a few riffs and songs recorded at home, Peter and Vince set out to find the rest of the band. Many were auditioned, and you might have guessed it, only three made the cut. Luc Lauriault, ex-drummer for Violent Vendetta join in at drums, Oliver del Pinal Hernandes, ex-Forsaken Flesh and Curse Of The Slain took lead guitar. And finally Jessica Simard ex-Nick Falls From The Roof, took the bassist position. Although the rest of the band were a bit unsure at first about having a girl in the band, she got her spot and became the fifth and final member of Pallor Mortis.

2 months after the full formation of the band, the band decided it was time to get serious. They started recording their first demo which consists of 4 songs and was due to release the date of their first show. The stress was high, not only was the deadline a bit short but it was also the first time they would take the stage together, and on top of that they were opening for Marduk. Everything went as planned. Since then Pallor Mortis hasn't given up and are still pushing their way though the crowded metal scene in Montreal.