Beyond The Bridge - Biography

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Beyond The Bridge are a German progrock band who were originally formed under the name "fallout" in 1999.

After their first years as a school band in Frankfurt, Germany, and numerous live gigs in the local rock scene, the band seemed to face an early demise when all band members started to settle throughout Germany to engage in their university studies and professional careers.

It wasn't until 2005 that guitarist Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg decided to revive the band with a project he had entitled The Old Man and the Spirit. For the next five years to come, he would spend innumerable hours together with keyboarder Christopher Tarnow to complete the songs and the story of this slowly evolving concept album. Christopher, who had also been part of the original line-up, got to know brilliant producer Simon Oberender during his Tonmeister course in Detmold, Germany. Simon was also the one to introduce drummer Fabian Maier and lead vocalist Herbie Langhans to the band. Together with bass player Dominik Stotzem, founder of the old school band and best friend to Peter and Christopher ever since, the line-up of Beyond The Bridge was almost completed. Lead vocalist Dilenya Mar came to the band after Peter had been to a concert of hers singing classic Jazz tunes in Munich, Germany.

Besides their experience as rock musicians, all members of Beyond The Bridge are proud to be professionally trained musicians on their respective instrument. After having been awarded several prizes for classical guitar in his youth, Peter now works as a Ph.D. student for physics in Munich. Christopher works as a recording engineer for classical music and studies composition at the University of Music in Leipzig, Germany. Dominik plays bass in several successful bands and works at an event and concert agency in Frankfurt. Dilenya completed her studies at the German POP Academy and now continues to study jazz singing at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Herbie appears as lead singer in various professional bands, including Seventh Avenue, Sinbreed and Ryffhuntr. Fabian received his Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance and now works as a professional drummer and teacher in Freiburg, Germany. Simon works as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer in Wolfsburg where he was involved in productions with bands like Avantasia, Edguy, Epica, or Kamelot.

The first studio recordings for The Old Man and the Spirit started in 2008 at Gatestudio, Wolfsburg, Germany. However, extensive pre-recordings had been done by Peter and Christopher during the process of composing the album including complete keyboard and vocal arrangements. Nonetheless, it was a very long way until the completion of the album in 2011, and the band is very proud to finally release this piece of art with Frontiers Records in January 2012.