Kissin' Dynamite - Biography




Exciting, dangerous and explosive - that's Kissin' Dynamite. The swabian sleaze mezal commando lives up to it's name, 'cause Kissin' Dynamite is more than just a band, it's an attitue to life. And this feeling is, what those 5 rockstars impart with every second they stand on stage.

What the fans love about this group, that was born in 2006, is entertainment on the highest stage. Due to cool 80ies look, biggest playing passion, accuratest tightness and electrifying stageacting, you get an stimulus overkill, visually as well as acoustically.
Lead singer Hannes, the two guitarists Ande and Jim, bassist Steffen and drummer Andi are tight-knit with their audience like barely no other band can do and manage like that to let every gig be an adventure for the fans.

Meanwhile, the band has got a list of several achievements.
By now, they played over 500 live-concerts, amongst other things on bikerpartys and big festivals in their home country and overseas. They had a couple of tv-appearances and are going to release their third album on march 23th 2012.

After their debut Steel of Swabia (2008) and it's follower Addicted to Metal (2010), now they are back with a masterpiece. Money, Sex & Power offers everything: Tons of hooklines, banging riffs, virtuoso solos.
On this record, all the baser human instincts are picked out as a central theme. On the one hand, it's meant with a wink, on the other hand it's definitely meant critically of society.