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King Fear - Biography


Logo by Boris Steen.


Ominous, unsettling, monolithic - these are but a few characteristics that definitely apply to King Fear. Founded by Mål Dæth (also Bullbar) in 2011, this Black Metal project appeals by crafting a totally new approach regarding Black Metal art: Doom, Rock, Thrash Metal, Death Metal - they all find their place under the black cloak of the black steel!

Shortly after main composer Mål Dæth got together the material, he managed to engage for this silver bullet one of the best vocalists in extreme Metal: Nachtgarm of Negator and Dark Funeral. Since his very early steps in Extreme Metal, Nachtgarm has shown his wide range of extreme Metal vocal styles; on top of that he now manages to show further facets of his skills on the self-titled debut-EP that are truly unmatched.

So now comes together, what happens to be a sinister and unholy alliance: Nachtgarm sublimates the already great-nihilistic compositions crafted by Mål Dæth. Consequently, we face a total of 15 Minutes of black metallic Art, that shows that with King Fear a new band rises from the dark abyss to approach a new interpretation of Black Metal. By no means do King Fear reinvent the wheel - nothing is further from their mind -, but their spirit definitely differs totally from comparable groups. Provided that you want to compare King Fear at all, since this very King Fear debut shows five unique and distinct compositions.

This is "Black Metal with a twist", by all means. Who is of the opinion that Abruptum are too sick, Shining are way too disgusting-embarrassing, Satyricon too rocking and Celtic Frost too outmoded, King Fear are proud to deliver the desired overlap.

Once winter struck again the band gathered with their drummer BoneInn (ex-Eisenvater) in their hometown Hamburg, Germany, to start working on what was to become their first full-length album.

Inspired by the history of mountaineering King Fear have created a concept album based on the "conquest of the useless" - mankind's possessive desire of reaching the highest mountain peaks. Driven by the realization of how well these old tales of desire, passion, myth, ancient belief and frigid heights fits the KING FEAR version of Black Metal they decided to call it Frostbite.