Nova Era - Biography


Nova Era is a power metal band that originated in March of 2008 in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. Born as Jemekroz project, under the name of Demonfall.

Due to the shortage of musicians and different ideologies among them, at the beginning it is difficult to find a stability for the constant change of members. Until is reached a stable line in which they decide to rename Demonfall to Nova Era, by certain beliefs and thoughts of some members. Then work begins with the first song composition, created by a Jemekroz riff, which was pleasing to the members.

In the course of 2009, the band finished recording their first demo, which contains 5 songs which is titled "Sigue En Pie", as this is the first song composed and gives you the motivation to continue in the hard way but beautiful of music. Also achieved numerous presentations in the city of origin and others statewide.

In early 2010 Micko, vocalist, left the band to devote himself completely as a guitarist in his Deathcore project. Which brings us to the voice Omar who is three months or so, and leaves the band the same time as Alan, drummer, because he lost interest for music.

In 2011 the band finished the composition of his first album and begin with the production and recording of this one, but over the course, David and Billy left the band for fear of damaging their studies because they felt lot of pressure and that the group demanded too long for them. So when looking keyboardist, Gerardo, Jemekroz close friend, seeing the opportunity joins the band. Thus leaving the lineup with only five members.

In early May 2011, Nova Era released his first album titled "Sin Libertad", which consists in 12 tracks variations on power metal genre. Event which depart to contact developers to present their material to the public. This is achieved with a small regional tour performed in the months of June and July. After that, Tito and Jero decide to leave, leading to the search for bassist and drummer, where Abraham and Yanko enter. Ending the search for members and reaching the current line-up.

Along his trajectory the group has shared the stage with bands like Anabantha, Black Oil, Khafra, Leo 037, Lvzbel, Saratoga, Paul Di'Anno, Warcry, Dragonfly, Benedictum, Unleash the archer and various national bands.

Right now the band is working on composition of his second album which is expected between March - May of 2013.