Bell Witch - Biography




Gaining quite the reputation in underground doom metal circles from their self-titled demo last year and a good handful of live appearances on the West Coast, Bell Witch (solely comprised of basisst/vocalist Dylan Desmond, also of Samothrace fame, and drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra) easily became known as one of the heaviest sounding doom metal bands in America today (testimonials were also given on the band's recent U.S. tour), especially considering the waves of crushing overbearing doom come from a band that only have bass, drums, and vocals at their disposal.

Longing is about as bleak of a sonic picture as a doom metal album can get. This is a time-stretching album (which features guest vocals by Erik Moggridge of Aerial Ruin on the track "Rows") that depicts sadness, suffering, and despondency like none other. Through Desmond's down-tuned bass pulsations along with his lamentations that work in conspiracy with Guerra's warhammers and his cavernous growls, Longing is an epic work that will become realized as that emotional sledgehammer of self-reflection and despair.