0 X í S T - Biography




0 X í S T, as for zero exist, is a dark metal band from Riihimäki, Finland. The band was formed in 2008.

0 X í S T's first CDEP Unveiling the Shadow World was released in April 2010 on Ostra Records and it includes the following tracks: Gazing Into the Void, Kingdom of Slumber, One over Infinity & Unveil the Shadow World. Right after the EP release 0 X í S T played their first live shows in southern Finland and Estonia.

In August and September 2010 the band recorded a demo with two new tracks: Old World Vanished & …of Wood, Stone and Bone. A limited demo-CDr edition (100 copies) was released to prepare 0 X í S T's first full-length album release.

Debut album Nil was recorded during the spring 2011. In October the band toured in Finland with Pantheist(UK). 0 X í S T continued playing live in the spring 2012 and did their first shows in Lithuania.

Nil will be released in October/November 2012 as a joined effort by French labels Ostra Records and Cold Void Emanations. The album includes 6 tracks and one intro.

0 X í S T plays metal that is slow, heavy, menacing and stands truthfully for what it is being described to be - dark metal.