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Miss Lava - Biography

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Lisbon's heavy rock ensemble Miss Lava debuts its first recording - "Blues for the Dangerous Miles". The result is a powerful output, a flaming bitch that is burning with the desire to unleash its lava rock 'n roll disaster onto the world. Miss Lava is ready to burn baby.

For years volcanoes keep building up pressure, boiling heat in their interior, waiting for the right moment to explode and show nature's strength to the world in rivers of lava. This seems to be Miss Lava's case, a flaming bitch that took its time to blast its genuine dose of heavy rock 'n roll disaster upon the earth. After releasing a blood red vinyl EP acclaimed by the critics and playing more than 50 gigs in Portugal, the band's full length was a natural step. The result is a powerful rock 'n roll disaster. "Blues for the Dangerous Miles" released in Portugal with 4 different covers - through Raging Planet Records - at the end of last year, and digitally worldwide in the beginning of this year.

From the free wheelin' demon speedin' of the opener "Don't Tell a Soul" to the psychadelic landscapes of "Scorpio", "Blues For The Dangerous Miles" is a rich sonic journey. There's the inevitable stoner anthem "Ain't Got Time", the sky filling chorus of the single "Black Rainbow", the rebellious heaviness of "Revolt", the heavy march of "Blind Dog", the sexy shakin' of "Birth, Copulation and Death", the dramatic "The Wait", the self brightness of "Shine On", the groovy twist of "Second Chance" and the epic escape of the title song. The volcano has erupted. The Portuguese media praised the effort, placing it as one of the best releases of 2009. The band went on the road: after a 17 date Portuguese launch tour and opening slots for acts such as SLASH, VALIENT THORR, FU MANCHU, ENTOMBED, ROGER HODGSON and YEAR LONG DISASTER, the band recently completed a mini tour in the south of the UK and has festivals dates lined up for the summer.