Darkest Horizon - Biography




"Darkest Horizon invites you on a cinematic journey with a mixture of timeless melodies and modern metal-tunes. The idea of combining monumental symphonic sounds with melodic death metal is the characteristic force behind the band and distinguishes them from generic pabulum."
(Orkus Magazine, October 2012)

"Those who love music somewhere between Children Of Bodom and Ensiferum, should follow Darkest Horizon. It's worth your while!"
(Metal Hammer, December 2011)

Since the band's foundation in 2010, DARKEST HORIZON was positively received from various magazines and webzines. Without any down-time, the band is eagerly working on a large number of innovative songs. The highly acclaimed EP Shattered Skies was released in early 2011 and was the starting shot for many headlining-gigs in local concert halls as well as big festivals like the Metalfest Open Airs.

In late 2011 DARKEST HORIZON drew the attention of Cubeaudio who worked with big names like In Flames and Guano Apes. Since then the band is cooperating closely with Cubeaudio and recorded three further songs, showing even more facets of their music (including the band's first ballad).

Committed to the cause, DARKEST HORIZON is playing at many big local festivals this autumn and at next year's Metalfest. Don't miss the show!

Source: Facebook