Mental Torment - Biography

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The name Mental Torment has been chosen not casually. These two words characterizing a condition of the person being in gloomy depression on the verge of madness, are the basic concept of our music and a direction of our creative aspiration. We put the pain and experiences in each chord of our songs, therefore all of them are executed personal tragedy.

For each of us, the group is that outlet which is necessary to remain in senses and memories, seeing the grown hateful picture of surrounding life. It is attempt to remain the person conceiving, instead of to assimilate to blind herd. The grief, melancholy, disappointment oppress us, but something nevertheless forces us to go further and does not allow to lower a hand... Probably, it and is music.

The first album from a Ukranian band with wide concert experience which makes this debut release not just the presentation of the band, but the real manifest demonstrating strong, professional and carefully mastered doom death metal. This album has everything to fit the taste of a sophisticated listener: majestic guitar parts framed by light keyboards, rich atmosphere saturated with the concept of the menacing sea rudiment. The essential value of the album is its inexhaustible melodies and inspiration. On The Verge... will become a precious present for fans of Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth and early Saturnus.