Parasite Inc. - Biography




Have you ever played in band for 3 years, which has only written and played one single song in that period of time? Sounds not very motivating for someone who wants to realize his musical ideas! That's the reason why Benjamin Stelzer (drums) and Kai Bigler (vocals/guitar) founded their unnamed band project in 2006, which was named PARASITE INC. in summer 2007, when Benedikt Grubauer (guitar) and Patrick Hauf (bass) joined the band.

First demos had been finished by the end of the year and in 2007 they finally made their first appearance on the stage that rules the world.

Sporadically, the young band played a few concerts until 2009 (among others with Bleeding Red and Hackneyed, which come from their immediate surroundings), but they were primarily focused on writing new songs and doing some smaller productions for friendly bands.

Consequently, given the continuous positive response, they had their first festival appearance at theWas soll Death 2 (among others with Heaven Shall Burn and Benighted) in 2009.

Shortly after that, they started to record and produce their self-titled demo debut, which was released in January 2010. Shortly before the release of their demo, Patrick Hauf left the band and was later replaced by Sebastian Schmid. Strengthened by the positive feedback to their production and after a few more shows, they managed to get among the top five of the 2500 applicants for the "New Blood Award" and consequently played at the Summer Breeze Festival in August 2010, which is one of the biggest festivals in Germany.

After that, things went quiet around the band. Lack of time of some of the members and a change of their rehearsal place had slowed the band down. In addition, Benedikt left the band due to his studies in late summer 2011 . Kevin Sierra (formerly Hackneyed) first offered to help them out as a live replacement, but then joined the band as a full member.

With the exception of a few concerts (among others with The Sorrow and Hatesphere), things stayed rather quiet around them in 2012: The band signed with GoodDamn Records and was fully focusing on their first label debut Time Tears Down, which was produced and recorded in their home studio again.

In early 2013 Sebastian left the band. Again they were looking for a new bass player, but with Stefan "Johnny" Krämer (Torment Tool) a replacement had been found quickly. While their album was mastered by Jens Bogren (known from working with bands like Amon Amarth, Kreator, Soilwork) in Sweden, they started to produce their first official music video for the song "The Pulse of the Dead", which turned out to be a huge success after its release and was producing a lot of positive response.

With the history of the band in mind: "Bad weeds grow tall" - PARASITE INC. are back back and stronger than ever.