Mist Within - Biography

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In 2009 Safires (Alireza Motevasel) came up with the idea of starting a progressive band. he had already wrote some lyrics and with help of some friends including Mohesn Ensafdaran they officially started the job in mid-October.

The band chose "Solitude" as the name. from the beginning they decided to compose their own music instead of covering.
After about a year of practicing and creating the structures of some tracks like "Black Clouds", the band faced some struggles and in result the band members separated to work by themselves.

Safires stayed by his ideas and the music they've already composed. he decided to change the band name to something more unique. so he chose "Mist Within" and began the search for gathering a new band and after testing and working with many musicians he found "Arash Hoodi" the right man to develop the ideas and to give a new aspect to the band. so they began their partnership since then and they focused on composing new songs and maturing the previous ones.

After many changes they reached to a solid line-up with "Ahad Sajjadi" on keyboards and "Arsalan Maddahi" on bass and after a while Mohsen returend to band as rhythm guitarist. The band never had a stable drummer and they worked with many musicians in that position.

Mist Within is currently working on their debut album Post Mortem Dump.

Source: Facebook