The Wounded Kings - Biography




An ending is just a beginning. Returning from the brink, with band members leaving to pursue other careers or family lives, founding member Steve Mills puts together an all new lineup to deliver four tracks of epic and apocalyptic doom under the title of In The Chapel Of The Black Hand. This new phase in the development of The Wounded Kings features the dark and chilling vocals of Sharie Neyland along with one of the heaviest rhythm sections in South West England.

Despite, or because of, the hardships the Kings determination and unique vision for heavy music remains as strong as ever. In The Chapel Of The Black Hand was recorded in the beautiful Welsh Valleys at the legendary Foel Studios with Chris Fielding (Primordial, Napalm Death, Serpent Venom and Conan) at the helm and the music undulates with vintage amplification and is swathed in Hammond organ, Mellotron and choirs - things fans have come to love and expect.

Preserved is also one of the band's strongest points which is their ability to transport the listener to all the horrific places a mind is able to imagine. Whilst the previous two albums Embrace Of The Narrow House (2008) and The Shadow Over Atlantis (2010) were bleak and full of despair, In The Chapel Of The Black Hand is seething with menace and danger. It is a journey to ghostly worlds - suffocating and claustrophobic - where ancient terrors slowly seep into the bloodstream. The listener will be grateful to get out alive with their soul and sanity intact - just as it should be.