Control Human Delete - Biography


Logo by Ton "Spectre" Oortgiesen.


Control Human Delete was formed in the year 2001 AD as collaboration of humans with the same musical and conceptual intent. Control Human Delete is about exploring musical borders in search for the ultimate excitement that dark and cold music can deliver. In the process of it no concessions are made. Control Human Delete will produce its music as it comes and evolves according its own will.

After their first effort, Error Spectre in 2003, Control Human Delete signs a deal with CODE666 in 2006 to release their first full-length Terminal World Perspective. Consequently Terminal World Perspective was released in April 2007. It was received with much anticipation and critical acclaim throughout the globe, which gave Control Human Delete recognition in the scene of progressive oriented Black Metal.

In the years that follow Control Human Delete goes for a more organic approach and involves a second guitar player and drummer (up to that point a drum- computer has been used). Despite the thrilling new music and concepts created along the way, things did not work out as planned. The two newly involved members left and Control Human Delete found itself back with its original four members. With the backbone still alive they start constructing and reconstructing the road towards a new album. The result is The Prime Mover.

The Prime Mover marks a new era for Control Human Delete and possibly the genre it is operating in. Evolution, in the broadest sense of the word, has always been a key operator for Control Human Delete. The Prime Mover maximizes this idea within the time-frame it has been created. The process of its creation has been nerve-wrecking and destructive, but therefore also ended up being open minded and boundary breaking. These are the ingredients that are clearly audible on The Prime Mover: it destroys, creates, controls, and reveals.