Feto In Fetus - Biography


FETO IN FETUS is a band deriving from three Polish cities. The origins of the group date back to August 2004. The band participated in two tribute albums - The Darkside Of The Blues - Danzig and Tribute To Grossmember - MEMORY OF GEORGE RÓZIEWICZ (1975-2002). Far From The Truth, released by REDRUM666, had it's premiere in July 2008. In 2010, came out the 3-way Split The Strange Case Of The Missing Corpse, released by the German label Angel Aids Records. In addition to Feto In Fetus, on the split can be heard two Polish grindcore groups: Norylsk and Fulcrum. In 2012 the EP Mortuary was released by the Polish label BlackTeamMedia (mini cd - LIMITED EDITION of 100 COPIES). New album, Condemned To The Torture was released in July 2013 (BlackTeamMedia Records / Green Lungs Records).