Dream Evil - Biography





You might have heard it before, but this time it's for real: DREAM EVIL is the ultimate new force in Melodic Heavy Metal! The Swedish band was formed in the Fall of 1999 by the notorious producer & owner of Studio Fredman, Fredrik Nordström (HammerFall, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Spiritual Beggars, etc.) and the outstanding Greek guitarist youngster Gus G. (Mystic Prophecy & Firewind), after Fredrik had for several years carried forth the idea of realising his own Melodic Metal compositions within a proper band set-up and featuring superbly talented musicians. Teaming up with Gus on a trip to Greece led him to immediately recognise his awesome instrumental skills, and the chemistry between them allowed for perfect musical collaboration. Back in Gothenburg, Niklas Isfeldt was invited to become their singer due to the fact that Fredrik had witnessed his vocal talents during the recording sessions of the first two HammerFall albums, where Niklas helped out with the performance of backing vocals. It was a matter of only minutes into their rehearsals until everybody knew that this singer would be the perfect vocalist for DREAM EVIL: Niklas then brought in his long-time friend and bass player, Peter Stålfors, for the available bass-guitar slot, as he has outstanding songwriting abilities and had previously been involved with composing a song for HammerFall's ground breaking debut record, "Glory To The Brave". Who could be the drummer for such a strong outfit? None other than Gothenburg Rock drum legend, Snowy Shaw (Ex-King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori & Notre Dame)! The band was complete and ready in the year 2001 to move on with the recordings of their debut album "DragonSlayer".

All in all, thirteen killer Hard & Heavy Metal songs were nailed down on tape at Studio Fredman in a production second to none and DREAM EVIL also co-operated with Gothenburg's Philharmonic string section (who also appeared on Dimmu Borgir's latest opus "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia") on three of the songs. Be it the punchy opening song "Chasing The Dragon", the hyper-melodic pieces "In Flames You Burn" and "Kingdom Of The Damned", the epic numbers "Save Us" and "Hail To The King", the speedy "The Prophecy", the ballad "Losing You" or the anthem-like "Heavy Metal In The Night", this quintet covers all different classic aspects within their metallic realms neatly and should leave no Metal fan - whether traditional Hard Rock, melodic Heavy Metal or bombastic Power Metal, you name it - disappointed! DREAM EVIL is armed and ready to take the world by storm with their debut masterpiece "DragonSlayer" and yes, this should become HUGE!