Mournful Congregation - The Monad Of Creation lyrics


01. Mother - Water, The Great Sea Wept

Mother - Water, she arose
She disappeared in the moon
Which had lifted her
Which had given her birth

Masquerading solemn beauty
As in a ray of the moon's light
Doth her pale skin gleam
As an orchid of the deepest seas

(So spoke he weeping, and his lady mother heard him as she sate in the sea-depths beside her aged sire. With speed arose she from the grey sea, like a mist, and sate her before the face of her weeping son, and stroked him with her hand, and spoke and called on his name: 'My child, why weepest thou? What sorrow hath entered into thy heart? Speak it forth, hide it not in thy mind, that both may know it.')

02. As I Drown In Loveless Rain

Floods of tears oppose you beauty
Condoling this love which lay shattered
Never exploring the depths of affection
Broken from rejected devotion

Lamented pleas of my yearning
Ignored while you persist in hurting
Excessive trifling assured this demise
Deploring those vain expectations

Sweeping away pieces of blood red emotion
Uneasily forgotten, reminiscing, drowning in
Dark seas of endless pain
Embodied scenes of your loveless rain

03. When The Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal Thirst

When the waters cover the earth once more
And the great sea weeps again
Darkness shall choke the dying light
And the almighty king sun bleed

Only then shall we come to know
That which is our mortal thirst

For heavenly realms is our soul athirst
This pain is felt by man alone

I remember when the transcendent moon
Brought the lunar waves ever higher
Creation, from the vivid lucidity, an emanation
Who am I? That created creation......

Glorification be to your name and ways
Thou art the bringer of greatness
In your name we art lost
We art but microcosmic dust
We art but your extension
Your limbs art our souls
Your dark is our light
Yet let not our ignorant praise
Be upheard by your manifold omnipresence
For thou art wisdom personified
Thou art the Transcendental

04. The Monad Of Creation

Sun of midnight, burn, flicker, dance with thee
Flaming soul of purity, burn, unite with thy oracle

Beautiful scent of everdark melodies
Cascading thy heavenly fruit

A drop of water descends, becoming thy body
The monad of all elementals

The womb of the eternal
The seed of the grand oak

To become again, once nature sought
Return the way we came, yet to tread a seperate path
Is to become, again, eternal

Only in spirit shall I grasp the tide of nothingness
Stars appear nowhere, their existance paralleled

The symbol of life and death
The totem of something lost
Between manvantara and pralaya

The monad of creation
The pendant of thy being
A concept of illusion
Not everything is seen