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Phideaux - The Great Leap lyrics


01. Wake Up

Go wake them up, take their pulse
Are they really living?
Go shake them up, break the m loose
Are they really breathing?
Come to us now, pull the plug
This is your awakening
We are not alone, it's coming home
Look: There's something happening
Bring me the head of someone good - As if you could
Take me on a night ride to a righteous neighbourhood
Wish you would
Promise me everything can change and be okay
Lie if you have to that‚s the way to make us obey
Throw us to the wolves and wolverines
Kick us to the ground
Spit up on our hopes and all our dreams
We‚ll never let you down
My my the book of life is floating by
Hey hey the book of life could float away

02. You And Me Against A World Of Pain

Well it could be all roads eventually
And it could be meetings are destined to be
Well it could be
Well it could be there's nothing new in these stars
And it could be I'll stay wherever you are
Well it could be you and me against a wold of pain
And it could be I'll smile beside you in the rain
Well it could be a new world right out the door
It could be all that for us to explore
It could be
All storms are beautiful, all fall you down my way
All raging beautiful. Gaze upon you, when I saw you
Heart where have you strayed? Waiting for you,
Will adore you - Come, twister stay
All storms are beautiful
Hold me 'til I feel the world is real
Always so beautiful
Feast upon me, lips upon me tear me from the floor
Whip right thru me, wind consume me
There is only more
Will it be you?
You against them

03. The Waiting

The bus pulled up to the prison gate waiting to cast the line
Flashpot lite cast the night ablaze and so it seemed a sign
A sign that wasn't something right
A sign that something could ignite out in the night
When the symptoms came together and everyone lost their mind
I bound myself forever to number seven challenging the divine
But there was nothing in our mind, as if the answer was denied
And there were feelings there that no one cared to find
When the saints were called to jump into the heavens
We stood back and climbed
Some people stood around with frozen stunned expressions
Pieces of the design
Cuz there was nothing in our eyes
There could be nothing you would hide
There was no answer to what waits for you inside
Then tapped out into the ocean - everyone waits in line
I fought myself forever the old expression, suddenly it was mine
Cuz there was violence in our eyes, this destruction was supplied
As if this waiting all the time had some meaning we could define
And I wandered this world looking for answers
I wandered this world in time
I wandered this world looking for answers
That I just didn't find
Went down south out to the ocean, braced ourselves for the fight
Something proud drew from emotion as waves took hold of life
They were waiting all the time, there was nobody left in line
And in this feeling we'd arrived
Beyond the waste of time
Beyond the oath that binds
Beyond what's left to find

04. Abducted

The night is open, a move outside
There's something new we have to find
The world is broken, the human eye
There's nowhere left for us to hide
They'll wait forever to turn you wild
And lead you to their side
Tomorrow's motion will make it clear
Why'd you leave me here?
All that's left behind - Fear
Irrational and sublime
Always in session, it's me inside
I don't believe I lost my way
A cold connection cuz nothing's there
Out on the street so long away
Can you help me here, all that's left is fear
Only thing to find - Fear
Irrational and sublime

05. Rainboy

Get out of the rain, boy - Get out of the rain
The water is rising, you might wash away
Climb over the wall, boy - Climb over the wall
The dam it is breaking, you might fall
Lay your tough skin on this ground that you may be found
Take this hand I offer you (wish I knew what to do)
Look out on the water, look out on the water
Look out on the water out to the sea
Lay your skin and bone to rest upon these shore
Let the sharp breeze kiss you lips
May your silent heart be heard and be stirred
Listen closely for the sound 'cos it growls for you
It won't be long, it won't be long until you're through
The wind is raw, the water's strange
You can't afford to hesitate
You go down - wish I could reach you
Look on the horizon, tomorrow has come
The flare it is rising, night is done
The ice it is melting, come death in the waves
The water is rising, we must not stay
Stand yourself upon this ground, see what you‚ve found
Listen closely for the clue 'cos it's coming true

07. Long And Lonely Way

Give me a name give me something, something
It's vertigo and it's all around me
Give me a break, get me out of this place
This vertigo (it's getting to me)
Here on this frosty plain there was ice cold crust in my veins
Yeah, I've been shivering here wish that I could have you near
But it's a long way down, it's a long way down from here
It's a long and lonely way, it's a long long long way down
Show me a way, help me down from this place
It's vertigo (it's getting to me)
Oh you're so far below and I'm trapped up here in the snow
I think I'm justified in taking one last little ride
Such a long way down
I stumble, I do. I tumble round, I crumble for you
I tumble down, such a long way down
Give me a name give me something, something
Memory, they're taking from me
Give me a sign give me something, something
Gravity, oh won't you help me
Got you - It's true I tumble down
I stumble for you, dissemble down, I crumble for you
I'm falling down
I stumble
For you
But you don‚t even know

08. They Hunt You Down

Behind the old and creaking wooden door
They take them down
They take them down
Some had seen but now they all were gone
Into the hours that take us to the dawn
They took them down
They took them down
They took them down
The next thing that I had to say was "more"
We found them stumbling through the corridor
He does not know
He does not know
He has to go
Please I had my friend to tea today
Nothing then had fallen by the way
To bring me down
You bring me down
You bring me down
Eyes that send their greetings from afar
They're taking from tomorrow maybe more
They turn you down
They turned you down
They turned you down
Greedy eyes are bringing you the law
Greedy hands extending from the claw
They hunt you down
They hunt you down
They hunt you down
The time has come when it will surely be
It is not me
It is not me
It is not me

09. Tannis Root

Collector, collector
We have what you're after
Your source of amusement, no one is wiser
Concealer, concealer
The trophy draws nearer
We give you the dealer, maimer and healer
Collector, Collector
We just want to find you
We're coming much closer, transact and admire you
We need a revision to the deal we‚ve been giving
It's drawing much nearer, reward the revealer
Bring us your best and your bold
We'll give them back when they're cold
We've been waiting for you, like we said we'd do
We've been waiting like you told us to
We wait for you
I'm out in the oblivion
Drowning at the living end
Suffer this world and be done in the oblivion
Crowded at the living end
Give us your heart and your goals
We just want a part of the whole
We've been waiting for you, we said we'd do
We've been waiting like you told us to
Like we said we'd do
We've been waiting, waiting for you

10. One Star

One star is appearing in the blackest night
One star is now forming, innocent and bright
One star bring me comfort, when I'm sad of life
One star is exciting, it is borderline
One star cold and icy, primitive and wild
One star it destroys you if you look into the light
That's the star that I want when I'm out at night
But I know, yes I know, aye the burning light
But I know, yes I know: Fear's a bitter ride
One star is exploding in the northern sky
That's the star above me, my iron satellite
One star it's inside me - It's the star I like
Feel the burning light

11. Last

Oh take me back again, take me back again
Just take me back again to that day, take me back again

I still remember your face that day
I still remember your voice, seemed so strange
But I'm trying to remember the things that you said
Trying to imagine what must have gone through your head

And I can't forget the swollen colour of the bleeding sky
I keep imagining a storm behind your eyes
You took up your tears and waved goodbye
For the last time
Now I take up my tears and wave goodbye
For just one last time

I could have done nothing
For a friend determined to go
I could have done nothing
How come I think I should have known?
I could have done nothing for a friend

I keep remembering all the words you didn't say
I keep imagining all the clues that must have floated away
But I can't remember was it I who turned a blind eye?
Please help me remember on that day was I so very blind?

I can't imagine what I thought when you turned to go
Didn't I know, didn't I know, didn't I know?
I felt December in the air, but August was near
I felt December in the air, but the summer was here

Now I take up my tears and wave goodbye
For just one last time
I take up my tears, I say goodbye
For just one more time - goodbye
I take up my tears, I say goodbye
For one last time