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Ministry - Dark Side Of The Spoon lyrics


01. Supermanic Soul

(spoken sample: "take this first song and uh, dance
I mean this, uh, first, let's start playing and dance.")

Well I just shot a man to death
I´ve got a bullet out of my head
He fired back and I can´t stop
A final shot and a final breath
Afraid to stop and afraid to check
The smell of fear and the color red
Had him with a 2 inch shell

Well it´s a brutal smell of death (* 4)

Saw my reflection in a spoon.
I had it with my not approved excuse (--> ???)
I´ve got a supermanic soul

I´ve pulled the trigger in the record room (* 2)

I´ve put a stop to his loonytoons
I´ve put him down in the record room

These are for you
Dead - break this
These are for you
Dead - break this

(talking samples)

These are for you
Dead - break this
These are for you
Dead - break this * 3

02. Whip Or Chain

Music & lyrics by Ministry
Don't wanna hear your voice
Don't really know if I have a choice
Don't wanna be the one that makes you forget

You're choking on regret ( * 2)
You're choking on death

Don't think we've ever met
Don't think you offered up a God give name
Who did the talking then, the whip or the chain?
You've got pleasure from the sentence of pain
But then they get you with the burden of shame
The true measure if the one that remains

Don't wanna .. Don't wanna ..
Don't wanna be your cane
Don't wanna be your cane baby
Don't wanna be your cane
Don't wanna be your cane baby
Don't wanna be your cane

(very fast wailing sample:
In a concrete cell,
No soul would dare to tell
She craves to cup his mind
She makes him give them time
She likes to throw a whip
And see a young boy slip
She likes to see him crawl
Right up the chamber walls

When their eyes are covered
like vultures she hovers

She gets her love and hate
When they scream no more
She gives them just one more

Won't let you kill me just yet
Don't even care if there's a price on my head
Don't wanna ID up in a bloody refrain

Don't wanna be your ..
Don't wanna be your cane
Don't wanna be your cane baby
Don't wanna be your cane

I said, I don't ...don't... I don't wanna be you cane (* 2)

03. Bad Blood

Music & lyrics by Ministry
Wild skies
Full moon and thoughts collide
We look for answers in those catatonic, bloodshot eyes
The eyes that vomit are the ones that are in love
Those aren't tears,
They're just bad bad blood

Just bad bad blood!

Wild lives
The big surprise.
We get our clues from what
The funhouse mirrors authorize
A ray of thought turns happy endings into mud
Where there's denial, there's bad blood


(wailing sample:
Do you remember the strain?
Do you remember the pain?
Do you remember the cause or the blame?)

Bad Blood!

(wailing sample:
Do you remember need?
Do you remember lust?
Do you surrender your greed or your trust? )

Bad Blood!

Wild eyes
He's finally come alive
How'd all things mediocre
Wind up all things all the time
A steady stream of madness
Rises to a flood
The clock is ticking for Bad Blood

[fade out...]

04. Eureka Pile

Music & lyrics by Ministry
I seem to find myself each time I run away
Don't give me vivid in some yester body (selling) days ?
Sometimes they reappear just like the sands of time
Or d'ya like some quick sand baby running off my summer wine

Same faces broken homes
Those memories have fled
All tears within me now are dormant or dead
My viens are bursting with a thirst that you cannot ignore

Alright Eureka's Pile
Now my saviour, or my whore

There's a lot that they don't mind when things aren't what they seem
I always wake up baby cos I always wake up me
My life may ain't come to much
Ignore my history

Least my Eureka Pile can see some way I feel
Ain't the way I see (* 2)

My Eureka Pile and me.

05. Step

Music & lyrics by Ministry
I need help
I need help

I don't know who I am no more
I'm gonna get some help
Help me

[ Singing:

Step! Step, step it up baby!
Got a question for you: like, who, what, where, why?
Are we even here?
Or are we following alone like another lost Indian looking for his tribe?
Oh dial the phone.
We might as well find someone else.

Grrr! ]


I like to apologize to all my wonderful fans
For sticking by me through such troubled times
I love all you so much
I wish I could take you all to the Betty Ford Clinic

[ Singing:

Step! Step it up baby!
We gotta sell instutions of recovery,
We gotta kill distrubutions of the pills I take!


Step! Step it up baby!


I love all my fans
Through these times of nakedness
If I could I'd take any one of you with me
Put you right underneath my pillow

[fade out..]

06. Nursing Home

Music & lyrics by Ministry
The moat in my eyes never bring me no sleep
They just strap me inside with the demons I keep
Gotta leave me alone gotta let it be lone
Tired of living, too tired to die
Makes the sharks keep swimming when he don't know why
Gotta get the lean fin
Only thin that he wears

Nursing me to the movie that he shows
Nursing me to the bureau and the ?
Nursing me can't you leave me alone?
Nursing me in a nursing home

Sleeping and working and an old man
Come just to profit my feet with a broken old hose
Stop riding those rails
Stop setting those sails

He likes (boom boogie ??)
He's got an old trombone
While he's laughing at the fires with a broken beat phone
Got a troubled soul
But he's not that cold


I've been nursed ten years in a nursing home!

Stinking on water i could use me food
He needed big fat gravy on the wake of pot roast
Got a fire inside
It's gonna burn him alive
Talking and struggle till the roof is blown
Got a bed and three squares in a nursing home
Gonna say bye-bye
He's gonna walk on by

07. Kaif

Music & lyrics by Ministry
I love the silence I'm in.
I think I dreamed this before
Some lives seem so incomplete
Some just keep coming back for more

Where did the time go? (echoing) (*3)

I can't remember how it end
Don't even know who I am
A fading memory
A fading image redrawn
Can't wait for ever more

Where did the time go? (echoing) (*3)

Remember things I never said
I've seen the faces before
I hope the future is dead
The dead keep asking for more

Where did the time go? (echoing) (*3)

08. Vex And Siolence

Music & lyrics by Ministry
If the child ?? then come later
Wrapped up and returned after many years
Crawled out from under (uncouth/?) layers
To take a shell back and slip in
Well wouldn't you?

Would the child answer full of anger
Full of rage & blood lust spoken but never shown
With a seeming riddle or a puzzle
Neither the brutal nor the timid could have known

Deep down inside it's too dark to see
The ??, a shot of something
What violent other could there be?

Here is the end
Here is nothing

After breathing in the beginning
After beating through what wasn't there
Death became the only answer, but not the cure

The final act became the meaning
No-one cared

[fade out]

09. 10/10

Music by Ministry

69. Linda Summertime

Music by Ministry
This is some weird song recorded over the telephone.
Good luck trying to understand the lyrics!