Kiuas - The Spirit Of Ukko lyrics


01. The Spirit of Ukko

Greetings, we are here tonight
To bring the flames of Ukko to your hearts
On this black night the stars are aligned
These ancient fireworks play their parts

Born from the dark to light a flame
What once had died shall rise again

Winds sweep the snow, resurrecting songs of darkness
Born from the cold to light a flame within our hearts
Winds sweep the snow, resurrecting songs of darkness
Born from the cold, now it's celebration time...
... The spirit of Ukko will burn with us tonight!

Let's bring back the good old times
When the true gods used to reign the northern skies
For centuries they've been away
But the memory and spirit still remains

02. On Winds of Death We Ride

A pure young soul, thrown into this world
- Left alone out in the cold
A hungry heart burns with the taste for life
But wicked is the flesh and fast the seeds of evil
As temptation waits in shadows of the night

We've lit the fuse that slowly burns away our lives
Just like the burning bridges we have left behind
Cold shadows crawling to devour us from within
As the pain eats us slowly from inside

On winds of death we ride

Feed the hunger that never dies -
The flesh needs to be satisfied
Although it kills the purity inside
Innocence long since torn away
Like beasts we now just seek our prey
Accelerating fast towards the grave

03. No More Sleep For Me

I went down to the river and what did I see
The waters they ran bloody red
Ten thousand people all looking at me
Wishing that I was dead

The sins of my brothers they came down on me
I fled for my pleas were in vain
There was no pursuit they lacked strength but not hate
My conscience was left with a stain

Disillusioned and haunted
Now there's no sleep for me

We have the choice we have the strength
Now where's the will
I don't know 'bout your cravings
But I just can't stand still

Memories growing so distant with time
No longer do I even care
Still, when I wake up the screams in my head
Remind me of what I left there

04. Warrior Soul

Somewhere within the darkest moors
Between black cliffs like the devil's teeth
A child was born with a warrior's heart
Son of the stars, of ice and flame
He marches with pride in his every step
With an iron will and a mind sharp as a demon blade

But darkness builds up in his mind
As a cold breeze moves across the sky
In battle sworn to die
He unsheathes the blade with fire in his eyes

Warrior soul blazes through the land of frost and snow
His pagan heart and flesh built to endure the cold
Warrior soul to the death against all foes he fights
He's born under the northern lights

Deep within the shadows of the woods
Among the beasts that dwell in the darkness
A child was born -
A daughter of the night and the rising moon
She runs like the wind
And in her heart she carries the secret powers of the elders

But darkness builds up in her mind
As a cold breeze moves across the sky
In battle sworn to die
She unsheathes the blade with fire in her eyes

Warrior soul blazes through the land of frost and snow
Her pagan heart and flesh built to endure the cold
Warrior soul to the death against all foes she fights
She's born under the northern lights

In the dark we must find our own way
Thoguh we know the winding path leads to the grave
Still battles left to fight
We must keep our pride until the end of time

Warrior soula blazing through the land of frost and snow
Our pagan hearts and flesh built to endure the cold
Warrior souls unto the death against all foes we fight
We're born under the northern lights

05. Until We Reach the Shore

The ship of life sets out on its course
Sending out a challenge to the gods
As the cold black sea waits silently
We embark to find our destiny

Left alone in the arms of fate
The world sees and feels our every move
With an open restless mind
We leave the first shore behind

Surrounded by the voices of the night
We struggle on and try not to look behind

Washed away by waves of love and hate
To be swept around by the hands of fate
Dark skies whip me with silver tears
The night whispers secrets into my ears

Winds blow cold across the raging sea
Singing songs of what used to be
Anxiously we embrace the storm
(Until we reach the shore)

Currents flow around me
Carrying other souls just like me
Drained of strength by the burning sun
Frozen by fear of what's to come
But one day this journey will greet death
And the time will come to leave the deck
Birth to death and shore to shore
Maybe the journey will begin once more

06. Across The Snows

He came along across the snows
Spitting curses from his mouth
Striding through the icy land
Grasping steel within his hand

Humiliation he suffered
Such that a man cannot forgive
But must deliver revenge
Like a true warrior he will

A bitter man - a void embrace
Weariness toward the human race
Soul torn to pieces
By chains of despair

Finally he arrived
And from the gates he announced
Time to wake for I have come
The reckoning is here!

But first let's drink your finest ale
Let our spirits free
Let it rise into our heads
Before I'll make you bleed

Yksinään hän vaeltaa mis' varjot lankeaa
Halki usvan ja roudan vain teräs seuranaan
Sydämensä kylmä on kuin maa routainen
Mutta silmissään viha polttava kuin kiuas tulinen

07. Thorns of a Black Rose

Passion has enslaved my heart and cursed my soul
How could I have known such a beautiful thing could be so cold?

I saw something that I'd never seen before
A flower so graceful yet cruel
invaded my heart with a violent storm

Black rose why do you pierce me with your thorns?
Black rose for you this poor soul was born
Black rose can't you see inside
this cold and shattered heart of mine?
Black rose you make torture into an art
when you drive your thorns right into my heart

Passion has enslaved my heart and cursed my soul
I should have known better than to touch the thorns of a black rose

A dream of two hearts as one almost came to be true
But what could have been love was destroyed
By the wickedness that lives
Inside you

08. And the North Star Cried

Long ago when the gods were still young and guarded the heavens
With might the four furious winds swept across the snows
Proud, fearless and free the children of Ukko walked the Earth
And at dusk they sang anthems to the welkin and their beloved
North Star

...And still she smiled upon the Earth

Through these lands of ice the North Star once led our way
Now blood covers the frozen ground
Scarred by an eerie sound as the North Star cries in pain

On the darkest of winters evil arrived from across the sea
Disguised as a wooden cross - as the coming of salvation
Death and destruction they brought and clashes of steel filled the nights
And the North Star watched as the blood of her children flowed

...And her tears fell upon the Earth

Our fathers' blood was spilled on the ice
And the North Star cried in the night
Our beloved gods were violently droven to exile
Gone are the days of the North Star's reign
Now her tears are all that remain
But one day they'll wash the blood away
and the spirit that once died
Shall rise again!