Elegy - State Of Mind lyrics


01. Equinox


02. Visual Vortex

Lyrics by Ian Parry
Conceptual imaginary, it seems so real which world do you live in

I sense the emptiness inside the brain no apparent function, it has no name
Nor does it see reality an existance in an endless masquerade

People adoptpeculiar ways interpretation caught in the maze
Instinct the essence of life somehow changed effecting the inside

My life is a world in a visual vortex
Where reality and thought drift through time

I'm a millionmiles from anywhere a solitary isolation bare
Where fantasies are real as can be a world within a world no sense of reality

My life is a world in a visual vortex where reality and thought
Go spinning through time a parralax world in a visual vortex
Caught between the emptiness of time

03. Trust

Lyrics by Ian Parry
I can't imagine any other way than simply saying why I really feel this way
It's mystifying in each and every sense so nothing ventured nothing new to gain

Slowly life keeps moving on before you know it's gone
The chance to say what's on your mind

My lips are drying up because of guilt
No point in crying once the blood is spilt
No good denying what is wrong or right
Time has a way of healing everything in sight

Don't forsake the broken hearted wishful thoughts and proud ideals
Finish what you've already started and one day you'll blessed with the
Power to reach the ones you trust

Who ever listens every word in vain family connections goes against the grain
Takes some persuasion trying to break through advice worth delaying
When starting over new

04. Beyond

Lyrics by Ian Parry
Don't you worry he won't be back here anymore

Try a little harder go as far as you can go
A state of tolerance something which you'll never know

The mind has a way of playing games and twisting your reality
You're hooked like a fish and deep inside lies the pain

He's longing for reality no more abnormality

So sad to say you're no one's child reflection is a part of you
An' come what may your nations wild are killing you

More and more like a drug you're longing for who's it for
For pity sake, god knows who

Nowhere to turn too no one here that wants you
Stay far away now way beyond normality
No one to talk too, talkin' cannot help you stay far away now
You've stepped beyond reality

Where limitations have no place the more extreme the more you do
You most certainly won't stand a chance of pulling through

05. Shadow Dancer

Lyrics by Ian Parry
The day the war was over, so the story goes
You could hear the churchbells ring hear the laughter
But with hope and glory, lingers memories
In the dark a girl would dance with her shadows

First she lose her father in the burning debris
Sorrow took her mother so castly so she was
Brought up in a house of strangers

Many years went by so her torment grew a place where children mustn't cry
Not a soul to talk too she created her friends through a roomlit view
Hand in hand but never shy, the silent few

Locked in a room the walls were closing in
It shocked her system from within so she lies staring at the images inside

Shadow dancer in the dark it's O.K. to shed a tear
Remember time to forget shadow dancer in the dark
Let the shadows disappear shed a tear now, and time will do the rest

06. Aladdin's Cave

Lyrics by Ian Parry
Do you feel the way I feel can you see things I see
Does your body sometimes feel so cold and empty

Come take my hand we'll go far away to a wonderland called Aladdins Cave
Have no fear now, walk across the waves abd discover how, how to be so brave
So brave

Don't be afraid, have no fear you're not alone
Mysterious ways, salvation is near taking you home

Staring at the sun makes you wild with rage
Feel it urge you on, to Aladdin's Cave

Roaming far and wide, search into tomorrow
Pilgrims seeking pride stead of endless sorrow oh no!

Come, I can help you!

07. State Of Mind

Lyrics by Ian Parry
When I look at myself frustration I try to hide
When it cries cries out in vain then I can't resist or hide

My state of mind state of mind

Now the feelings from within tell the tale a life of sin
An' a cold journey through time

I don't recall memories hard to focus hard to please
Am I losing my mind

A psychological impulse twisting around inside

My state of mind an out of body experience my state of mind
A separation between the soul and mind to be as one with each other
A state of mind in control of my helpless

The weirdest things always happen could it be my penance
A mnemonic phase that I resist

Now the feelings dark within me my sins will never ever be free

On and on and on we go we live our lives but never show
The knowledge guilt we all possess the strength of mind to now confess

08. Destiny Calling

Lyrics by Ian Parry
My memories clear as ever of a little boy
I can see myself so full of wander a child so full of joy

In a field oh way up yonder not so far from home
lived a sweet old man called Mr.Wonder because of dreams he told

He once so philosophically explained
there's a reason we're brought into this world

I wish he was with us today pray hear me say I understand now

No matter how how hard we try we never listen when destiny's calling
We still keep changing our lives stop, look and listen
It's destiny calling you (when destiny's calling you)

Looking back remissing changes long gone by
Opportunities I keep on missing I've stared 'em in the eye

The gravity of all my actions I try hard to disguise
It became crystal clear we change the future affecting all our lives

An old man philosophically explained
There's a reason we're brought into this world

Funny those words that he said will always be true forever and ever

Each promise we break the choice is yours and mine
Each wrong move that we make we're missing chances
Each step with each day will get harder, harder if we go our own way

09. Ressurection


10. Losers Game

Lyrics by Ian Parry
Influental called themselves friends gifts they gave some kind of trend
A small town girl who never asked why easy access cum' don't be shy

For no apparent reason when the stakes were so high
She started to play the losers game

Common sense had... no place in their lives we're not so bad is it a crime
Cheap solution for the rich to get high no restitution livin' a lie

They should have known better not to turn a blind eye
Instead they just left her to die

Fly, children in the sky no escape unless you're willing to die
A price you'll pay, no other way so why do ya wanna play it's losers game

The dealer always wins

Such potential could have gone far her real firends cried
Don't know who you are they never got through to save her in time
What else could they do once she lost her mind

11. Supression

Lyrics by Ian Parry
Take a good look around tell us a truth now what are they saying
They're out of all sight and sound while the hatred is growing
The guilty are praying

Though innocent eyes don't lie it's hopeless subscribing retaliation
Enemies all must die is this the road to hell and damnation

Won't somebody help them anymore like a rock to the ground
They keep falling just when they found a real sense of Direction

We determine our own lives with the power the strength to change them
But when manipulation plays a big part then our future is gone

Suppression won't we bother suppression won't we show a little concern
Repression won't we help each other only if we can find the time my dear

So what lessons if any can be learnt to help your sister to help your brother
Or do we turn a blind eye cos no one we know ever gets hurt