Skylark - The Horizon And The Storm lyrics


01. The Horizon


02. Fear Of The Moon

Black is the Sky in a summer-hot evening
A young man walks fast in the streets of the City-dream

He looks upon his head to forget his life
But he sees the biggest mistake of Mankind

The Moon is hungry, wanna destroy human race
Corruption and bullshits can't live in Universe

She wanna fight the Evil she wants to kill the Evil
But the evil is even mankind

If you wanna save your life, to laugh again and cry
You must believe in the light of the Moon

Fear of the Moon. Red is the Moon
Against your mind, against your soul
Light in the Dark, Fire in the Sky
You cannot runaway
Power of red Moon is here

If you believe in the Justice of the Red Moon
Then let her save us take time she's offering to you.

03. Little Girl

In the end of the day, in the end of the light, sometimes it's hard to hold the fight, you've lost your love, you don't know who you are.
Snow slows down, is falling on your head, beasts and freaks upon your bed, you've lost your soul, you don't know who you are.
Questions come, questions go, answers hidden in the mystery world, hard to find you don't know who you are.
No more time, no more alibis, just your heart don't want to die, but you have lost your mind you don't know who you are.

So easy, so easy, believe it, but nothing you've done for you, maybe nothing I've done for you.

In the end of the day, in the end of the light, a dream go away, escapes tonight, you've lost your love you don't know who you are.
Reality is different from the images in which you believed, you've lost your world you don't who you are.
Grains of sand, where (there) was love, lost in the air, the wind blows, nightmares come, you don't know who you are.

Not easy, not easy, throw it away. But nothing you've done for you...nothing done for you.

I guess this chance is the last to take. No fears no doubts you must start the game. You must believe your heart will win again. Fight hard before it will be too late.

Finding the reason to break the ice, you've got the chances to live up tonight,. Show me the way, I'll take you to the top, insanity it's really a fault! Fight, keep on fighting on the road to the Sky, following the legend of heroes come back, with them you can forget.

Don't cry my little girl, I'll help you, don't cry my little girl I'll pray for you. Don't cry my little girl don't wait for the end, don't cry my little girl 'cause I know you can.

In the end of the day, in the end of the light, sometimes it's hard to hold the fight, you have lost your love, you don't know who you are.
Maybe you know, the victory is near to you but you keep on bleeding, you have lost your soul you don't know who you are.
Down on your knees, laying on the floor, hoping someone won't leave you alone, you have lost your strength you don't know who you are.
But I know, you'll break the lies, waiting for another sad goodbye, fight alone maybe you know you are.

Keep on fighting little girl...
Whispers, nothing else really matters, Whispers a new life is next to come.
I'll be with you to find the answers, I'll be with you are not alone.
If you wanna see the Sun again, I'll be with you my little girl.

04. Skylark/Cristal Lake

Eagles upon the Lake. Land of Fantasy.
I couldn't believe. Far from human mind.

Look at the land of the Bright Angels.
Nothing is here, except our souls.
Fight to be free in the darkness...tomorrow we are right as the Sun.

Come with your questions to Crystal Lake.
Land of our love and our peace.
Lay your sweet body on the Broom of the Witch
And the Sign will be right for you.

Follow the Albatros...Find this unbelievable Lake.

05. A Star In The Universe

Just a little Star, now you are walking through the Light
Searching for a Dream, Fire in your Eyes.

Little but so sweet is what you look like
Jumping on my back when you see me
Never I'll forget your insistence
Just to find a place to ride on

Never I'll betray your affection
You'll have always lived in my dreams
Without you my nights will be different
Hoping you can run only to be free.

Now the Star has gone I'll remember your name,
Never to much to say, it's a low of the Day.
Music of the Darkness, images from the light
Just your soul remains, your are riding free tonight.
...Flying free...

06. Escape From The Dark

When the Devil goes down to Mankind
When the Horizon and Desert will be blind
When the Fire burns an empty World
Nothing from the darkness:...are you alone?

You have to capture your strength
Erase all the fears from your mind
So take a ticket with me for this Escape from the Dark

Death is one save us
Knife and must die
Believe it again
Dark and Cries...end of life
Ride the the lance chance so we start: The Escape from the Dark.

Like an arrow you have to run alone.
Look behind: a moment of life before.

You have break this high wall.
Fight hard: the enemy is near.
You'd better take a ticket with me for this Escape from the Dark

Now can you imagine the Light?
Maybe you have a reason to try.
Come on, take a ticket with me for this Escape for the Dark.

07. The Storm