Mael Mórdha - Gealtacht Mael Mórdha lyrics


01. Atlas Of Sorrow

These Sorrows of life are crippling but I still yearn for more
Enslaved by the demon since time imemoral
Bowing beneath the weight of this yoke made of lead
Atlas of ancient times had but the world upon his head
But I bear the sorrow and crippling pain
Of all men and beasts ever made.
Miserable I stand
The World's Sorrow on my head
Half of me would make me cast them aside
Half of me would make me hold them till I die
That is My Life.
I endeavour to make pleasantries with all the world
But I fail, and I fail terribly.
I do not know if I can bear this any longer
I am Atlas of Sorrow.
The Spark ignites
The fuel about to be lit
The Flames explode
The Inferno spreads
My soul awakes
You will all burn
No I cannot take this anymore
You are all going to die
Let me alone.
A frenzy is taking place
I have lost control
You will all burn
If you touch me you will all burn

02. Godless Commune Of Sodom

Why must I endure this cursed cup of life
If it is possible let it pass from Me.
What has lead me to such misery
To be totally alone in a settlement of Fools
In this godless commune of Sodom
Slandered and lied about am I
My being poisoned beyond belief
It would make all but the strong-willed die
Those whom I once befriended have left me now deserted
Stranded, alone and bitter
Unable to trust or to Love
In this godless commune of Sodom
Where hellish spirits do dwell
All righteousness will die
And pillars of salt will reign
Yet amazed am I that in this soon to be city damned by salt and fire
I feel more anguish and loneliness than when on summits high with crows for companions.
In this godless commune of Sodom
Slandered and lied about am I
My being poisoned beyond belief
It would make all but the strong-willed die
In this godless commune of Sodom
Where hellish spirits do dwell
All righteousness will die
And you are all condemned to hell.

03. A Window of Madness

Shadows of the past seem destined to haunt.
A feeling of ghosts stare at me - taunt
And cast a darkness across what I felt would be free from such baggage
Which I realise was a mistake
What advantage be gained from keeping alive images from another time.
Guilt, hurt, anger and envy do make themselves felt aplenty
Why it seems to me that I will ne'er have her truly to myself when acts and deed stare at me from a shelf
I really wish one as her could move on and so condemning such feelings to begone.
Have a moment such as this
A window in a life of Madness
Where possible to be removed to a distance safe in order to peer in.
Be a blessing which I should fail to forget though happening as an accident.
It has been the most wonderful of Sages while my mind does drift gleaning wisdom of the ages.
Murdered fish for my pleasure fills my belly full of treasure
-Food for the belly, for the mind, for the soul helps me right the wrongs of old.
I try successless to end this torture entered as I reason with the idea without sun endless.
And to my mind, still though I try to understand why….. Senseless

04. Curse Of The Bard

I walk my own path
The whole world lies before me
No longer in my heart do my demons dwell
Upward I stand
The weight cast from my shoulders
Facing my foes placed where my devil's fell
Cower before king of criminal, lady or whore - I will not
Or otherworld spirits or gods, save one - I will not
Mar is mise Bard an Rн ach fуs Rн an Bard - Fear my words
Driven from halls of kings were we no places of shelter for us or na Rн
From place to place we were hunted down as the did - as they still do - steal our crown
Flight of earls and wild geese rendered our craft obsolete.
Working as Spailpнns far underground dreading the day when we would be found.
Banned and damned by Gael and Gall
Joining the gods and the sнdhes at the mound
In this land of dead souls full of greed who feel they have all - are not in need.
But spat at am I in the land of the blind.
Souls they lie rotting as carrion fly
I pronounce my curse, a curse on you all
Only a matter of time before the proud fall

05. The Struggle Eternal

A fire of cease did burn for what seemed an age
But did flash crimson before the eyes of those who watched
An ever cooling and nullifying 'fluence it was
Rending the eternal struggle between the earth and sea void for a time.
Fortune faired foul as a wind bitter flew over the land rending the flame useless as imprisoned it became.
And the sea attacked the land, which in turn exploded with such fury that rose a black cloud high, blocking out the light.
Anger and bitterness belched across the world as its forces became locked in the struggle eternal

06. Gealtacht Mael Mordha

My ruination was of my own seed.
Mere kingship of the Laighin I coveted
When all she coveted was greed, each deed she did perform was as if my lands had been clove by the Lochlainn's axe.
Weak she goaded. Weak she scolded as I did consolidate my borders
From the threat of the foreigner black
But Gormlaith ruined that by cuckolding with a Fionngall fat.
Leader of the thieves who stole Бth Cliath
Troublesome and lustful of greed
As was the whore herself
And so was my fate bound ever tighter to hers.
Marriage followed marriage ending finally in conflict.
Gleann Mama a time I would like to forget
Rekindled by that usurper's pup
Weak she goaded. Weak she scolded "Brнan be more noble than you"
A temper uncontrolled my weakness be
Before I'd recovered she had laid her trap.
Before I had time to return to Naas she had started this battle of which now I am part.
The Whore I name her and here be the reason, her legs did spread so she would have her way.
And so her army consisted of foreigners leering - she had offered herself for that day.
What a day, what a day. Blood fills the rock pools. The dead drift away.
Entrails and guts and heads litter the battlefield. Lochlainnaigh ships swept out to sea by Mac Lнr and his Minions and now they cannot flee so now they will join me.
This would be amusing if this were sung in verse by a Bard at a kingly fire
Alas it be me Mael Mуrdha ranting.
I see Mуr Rнogбn and my own funeral pyre

07. Minions Of Manannan

To the east lies lines and lines immortal
Pounding relentless, wearing all down.
No matter those who stand against them
(Those) Minions of Manannбn
Pounding to dust all
The rough becoming smooth
The edge - edgeless
Souls shackled a dying dream
All that is left now is to scream
But no noise comes as bodies be riddled with disease
And with great dis-ease I stand alone
The last Gael against the Gall.
The back be broke by the strain of yoke
With weight worse than that borne by the ox and the plough
I falter and falter and bend and then break
All for a petty dream that most would forsake.
And now so close to furrows I can see worms and smell clay
I realise too late I am wasting away
And so to the east lies my sight immortal where the Minions of Manannбn are bearing all down
So I drag my burdens down to the shore finally drowning as they become no more.