Pig Destroyer - Phantom Limb lyrics


01. Rotten Yellow

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Stench of solvent
Covers stench of rot
I didn't even recognize her
Like a painting
A masterpiece torn to pieces
And set to flame
Her own cells
Turned on her
Her skin
Is yellow
Like the wildflowers
In July
She asks me how she looks
And I tell her
That she's as lovely as the vultures
As pretty as the larvae of the fly
Pretty as the larvae of the fly

02. Jupiter's Eye

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Doomed lovers in a free fall
Together till they crash to the ground
I long for my sweet disappearer
As this avalanche of night
Slides down
Black haired angel by the bonfire
With alien eyes divine they flicker a moment
In the flames then follow the smoke
Into the sky
It's like losing a limb
This agonizing goodbye
My dreams of her are violent
All swirled in red
Like the storm in Jupiter's eye
All swirled in red
Like the storm in Jupiter's eye

03. Deathtripper

Lyrics by JR Hayes
I hold your hand in mine
The rest of you is scattered
All over
Your rib cage is open
Like a great white's jaws
Your legs
Look so sexy out of context
Out of context

04. Thought Crime Spree

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Increase the dose diminish the high
A smile is a pipe dream suffering aged like wine
Aged like wine
Coughing up blood
With my mind on fire
Juggling switchblades on a high
Tension wire
I don't have any scars
Only dormant wounds
That crack like fault lines
I only have
Five thoughts anymore
And four of them
Are of you
Body bursts and leaks
Like a trash bag
Into the gutter
And the grave
And the grave

05. Cemetery Road

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Soul wreckage burns
On the road to the cemetery
The only road there is a
Dam of corpses
Is holding back
The Potomac
And they're still throwing bodies on
A gaping hole
Has been torn
In reality
And I swear I can see right through

06. Lesser Animal

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Got no use
For psychiatry
I can talk to the voices in my head for free
Mood swings like an axe
Into those around me
My tongue is a double agent

(And and uh he heard the screaming and flesh burning and he he was running himself and he saw this young man that mocked him so much and he saw him on fire and he pulled him away from the blaze and he was nothing but charcoal he said his hands were frozen up he had uh nothing left but his eye balls his ears were gone, his nose was gone everything was gone)

07. Phantom Limb

Lyrics by JR Hayes
It came to me in my sleep
Green light spilling from its mouth
All over me
Laughter that sounds like metal scraping
Eyes like a pair of atoms splitting
Face like a funhouse mirror twisting
I put my hand
Up to the wall and it passed right through
I put my hand
Up to the wall and it passed right through
You should've been there
You could've come with me

08. Loathsome

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Let the dead rot
Where they fall
You know sometimes I need a crutch
Just to crawl
So loathsome down inside
My heartstrings
They ain't yours to pull
Cops in latex gloves trying
To search my skull
So loathsome down inside
I feel
So loathsome
Down inside
Rancid junk-thought
Elephantitus of the mind
Rancid junk-thought
Elephantitus of the mind
This is my
Escape art
This is my
Escape art
Escape art
Escape art
And I'm never coming back

09. Heathen Temple

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Beliefs must evolve or face extinction
Shed dogma like snakeskin
No need for confession
Or astral projection I survive on the primal instinct within
Even a loving
Is still a master
Even a loving
Is still a master
Spare me your fear
All these childish superstitions
I've spent decades
Trying to purge your swill
From my system
God is in the mirror
Not hiding in the skies
This heathen temple
Will stand tall
Till the day I die
Till the day I die
Till the day I die
This heathen temple will stand

10. Fourth Degree Burns

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Her touch is electric caresses like storms
Pleasure at the threshold
I see everything sour before it's ripe
Tomorrow she'll step on that plane and disappear
But tonight her lips are real
And kissing
Like a head on collision

11. Alexandria

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Strange tension in the harbor tonight
I watch the rich girls down on Duke St. pass me by
That pass me by
Now the nausea's
In my guts
And I'm wrestling with doubt
The kind you get when your heroes
Sell you out
And as I watch the drawbridge come down
There's mass extinction
On my mind
Extinction on my mind
Extinction on my mind
On my mind
Human cruelty stains my thoughts jet black
I've got this feeling
Like things have gone too far and now we can't get back

12. Girl In The Slayer Jacket

Lyrics by JR Hayes
The girl in the Slayer jacket
Gave me my first kiss
When I was in the seventh grade
She used to smoke
Weed with my older sister
In the woods behind the arcade
The woods behind the arcade
She had thick skin
But if you cut her
The wound
Would bleed forever
She would bleed forever
She would bleed forever
She hung herself
From an overpass
Down in McLean
Where the old trees loom
(her parents tried to sue Slayer they blamed her)
Her parents
Tried to sue Slayer
They blamed her boyfriend and PCP
But the truth is her eyes
Had been dead since she was five
She just hadn't disposed of her body

13. Waist Deep In Ash

Lyrics by JR Hayes
I never could escape you
Your wings forever
In silhouette of the sun
The mountain
She's wearing her latest victim on her arm
Hurry up
My disguises don't last long
They don't last long
Scan the room for exits
Granite pulverized in a clenched fist
We're making out in the landfill splashing around
Waist deep in ash
And in my crawlspace of a heart
There's no rancor
Like rats
Like rats
There's rancor
Like rats
Like rats

14. The Machete Twins

Lyrics by JR Hayes
Shannon's got an eye
For shallow graves
And a stomach
That can handle all the gore
Her sister Lucy's in charge
Of selection (of selection)
Seduction (seduction)
And complete lack of remorse
They'll take his wallet
Down to the mall
For the jewelry
And the perfumes they adore
Then they'll drive
Out to Route Five
And leave his carcass by the reservoir
They got cornered last year
Down in a Nashville hotel
The girls
Had to chop a whole S.W.A.T. team to pieces

15. Abraxas Annihilation

Lyrics by Frank Novinec (Integrity)
The final seal has been broken
Apocalyptic visions
Terror to consume the species
All along
You knew
This time would come
Between the heavens
The lamb and the goat
Have fused as one
Repetitive wave continue
Blinded by your soul
Repetitive wave continue
Blinded by your
Fires heaven
Cleansing you of all your earthly sins
Beneath your bearing
Of reality

16. Understand

Lyrics by Chris Spencer (Unsane)
Not stopping
You follow through
You know it's wrong
What will you do?
No time to look out
No time for you
It can't be the
Things that you do

Not having it
I'm not tracking
I'm not through
You know you fucked up
Now what can you do
It's not the money
I gotta clue
I can't stand
Most things about you

Not having it
Understand me