Dark Moor - The Gates Of Oblivion lyrics


01. In The Heart Of Stone

You don't lie, you don't fight
Don't plead for seeing the light
You don't gaze the mean face

Don't try to pray,
Just to save your illusions
To save your shame
Now your life is impregnated of flame.

Please help me of kill me
But don't bury my soul
I'm dreaming, I'm screaming
Full of grief
I'll be condemned without mercy
Without a song but I've had a nice hope

The wind in my hair
The sun under my veil
I'll go though
The road is hard and long
Thousand of questions and only one answer
My anger is in the heart of stone

I'm sneaking, I'm creeping
I'm needing all my faith

I'm sinning, I'm living full of grief
I'll be condemned without mercy
Without a song but I've had a nice hope

Don't hit me, don't save me
What is my destiny?
I'm sighing, I'm crying
Full of grief
I'll be condemned without mercy
Without a song but I've had a nice hope

02. A New World

Old world has left in starvation and disease
Fourteen ninety-two bring a new change to see
Across the ocean the would sail
(Following out the dark blaze)
They keep the route with an endless faith

Far beyond the earth's edge
They will reach their dreams
As a privilege
Sun still spreads out it dreams

With the winds of the sea
Always blowing from the east
Three boats dare to face
Just a will, a belief
Which could cross the deep abyss
To discover a new world
Saving humanity

Suddenly a joyful cry
Was heard in the advanced night
The long awaited sight
Was seen below the sky

New treasures shine before my eyes
(They're bright like a burning fire)
I will enjoy the eternal sea of life

Aventus nautarum in novan terram
Argentum aurumque America

But they didn't know
That this virgin ground
Was an unknown land that overgrows
New Eden's found
The lost paradise
Mankind's dawn is beginning to rise

This land is wild
Our boots were defiled
Our dreams will be reality
The native's pain
Always in vain
Our glory was their agony

But when Columbus told the queen
All the thing he'd seen
He had to submit and be agreed
With kingdom's greed

03. The Gates Of Oblivion


04. Nevermore

Demons in my mind
Bind to write the world
World forevermore

Master of the pen
When the raven lies
Sighs, but never dies

The imp of
The perverse
Whisper from the drink
The mask of
The red death
Hides the face of his tortured soul

Free mind confirmed
Just behind reality
Its kingdom is by the sea
Grim rhymes of yore
Were born in Baltimore
The bird said: "Nevermore"

He was in love for
The only cause of doom
Fighting for love with
The enamoured tomb

Was his love
Like a dove
Tender sweet and frail
Like a Sail
In a gale
He was the eternal lover

In the edge of knife
Life in the tight rope
Hope to take the slope

In the time of tears
Near the last shore
Sore to take the door

The pit and
The pendulum
Hang over his heart
The black cat
The one-eyed
Sees his conscience beyond the wall

05. Starsmaker (Elbereth)

When day is out, I can see in the sky
Plentiful forest made with the stars
In cold night, I can feel the near-by
goddess of asters no matter thou art so far

But in my sorrow I need to see
Beautiful sunsets, precious to thee
And in my travels when they're too long
I'm just pay worship with this sweet song

Every time I gaze the blue sky
Filling thy grace with love tears my eyes
In thy face see the space
In my cry, hear a sight
Praying for thy light

A during ship crossing the sky by day
Sailing the morning. light is its trade
A silver ship for love starting the chase
When the night comes the light dies away

06. Mist In The Twilight


07. By The Strange Path Of Destiny

Walking through the lane
When conforms our life
We play a fool's game
To survive
Pleasure enclosed me
Embracing with loving arms
Pain came to me
With great harm

Have you ever wonder
Are we just victims of fate
Fed with the seeds of hate?

Why must be wander
Towards the dark unknown gate
Although our will is great?

Ol by the strange paths of destiny
Searching out hard my hidden place
Faces weave (the) life cord of humanity
In the en their last verdict can't wait

Goddess of fortune be by my side
Mother experience keep me alive
Unyielding time now has just decide
If I'll survive

I saw a siren
In my lonely way
Lost in her silence
(We) turn away

Disgrace has found me
It would try to make the fall
But hope kept me from all

Anger had chained me
But the siren set me free
Diving into life's sea

08. The Night Of The Age

When the golden dusk covers me
And the beams play with the trees
Memories so come to my heart
Because the guardian of the dreams departs

Who stole my illusions?
Who stole my hopes?
Why did the light off
And since I grope?
Where will I find the force
To untie the past's rope
In my soul?

Go on
Within the black night of the age
Getting my sadness turn to rage
Even oblivion
So feeling will be free again
The dreams will break the chains
Flying to the eternity

Sometimes in dreams I see her eyes
Watching me like wells of lies
Those in the cold cloak of the night
Were my sole flame , of whom I was acolyte

Where are the guardians of the dreams? Return to me
Tell me answers that my mind will

09. Your Symphony

I know that you need me
To survive in this world
World of empty words
Take my hand and feel me
I I'll be your friend...
Forever be

In the depths of wind
Could be playing with me
Your symphony
Playing on and on
Never be alone
Sing my song

I stay bu your side, girl,
Through the endless hate, my dear,
The rain disappears
The poison of your life
Fills my glass and I...
I drink, I die

You give me the light
All my cold nights
Your fantasy
Will me my symphony

10. The Citadel Of The Light


11. A Truth For Me

My sorrow is like
Leaves flying in the air
When the wind strikes
Blowing everywhere
And I can't stay living in this tearful valley
So I just pray for having all the force
To be a stream leading it course
Flowing up to it's source

But my love is for the only light
But my heart goes to standing right

If I could flee
From my sorry thoughts
Like the rivers running slope down at last to be free
When I see
Lovers who can dream
With sweet fancies that will never be
A truth of me

Nobody can live
Twice in just one time
Neither can give
Twice love in it's prime
But won't prevent feeling to surrender to love
So I feel myself prisoner of sin
When y give to the heart my skin
And my soul to the wind

But my love is keeping watch the night
But my heart cries the eternal fight

12. Dies Irae (Amadeus)

Confutatis maledictis
Flammis acribus addictis

When the sun is flustered
And the moon is free
The great little master
Writes a little melody

The notes fever's in my breast
Aches to be away

Eternal wisdom
In glorious kingdom
That is my sole wish

The first violin lead me while the harps
Embrace me like the blood
The madness beats my art
In the stage my baton cuts the air
I am
In a world I never made, a man

Dies Irae, Dies Illa
Solvent saeclum in favilla
Teste David cum sibilla
Quantus tremor est futurus
Quanto judex est venturus
Cuncta stricte discussurus

The sound is around
Long live to the king
Never falling down
Rex gloria; Rex gloria

Witness of the time
Spirit is sublime
No more feels of pain no more hate
A revenge is going away
Where is my destiny?
Where is my fantasy?
I need to free my soul and cry
Someone to pray for me
I need to free my soul and will die
There wells up the only tear
We shed without woe
And ride like the wind because
The music is enthralled

The note's fever in my breast
Aches to be away

Eternal wisdom
In glorious kingdom
That is my sole wish

The soft step to your bed
Is not worth pursuing
You will so soon be dead
Death will serve instead
Turns to the thing
He was born to be
A master to the king
Keep your fancy free
In the deep of the sea

Salva me, fons pietatis

13. The Shadow Of The Nile

Legends always say
The dark one makes his play
With uncautious men

Lie in his name
From inner Egypt came
Don't fear his word
Don't go to his den

The strange dark one to whom the fellas bowed
Silent and lean cryptically proud
Worming into your mind
Driver you mad
Like the snake which can find
What is bad
Biting with sharp teeth
Your frail reason
Scratching in your mind beneath

Frantic crowds are under his commands
Wild beasts follow him and lick his hands

The shadow of the Nile
Who gnaws your soul
The bright of black smile
That your mind stole
The shadow of the Nile
In desert storms
The old one who beguiles
Takes diverse forms

Through the mindless void
He leads you
Claws he had deployed
He bleeds you
"The messenger I am
Know the fate:
There is not peace in the gate"