Vesania - Distractive Killusions lyrics


01. Narrenschyff

Who are you, servants
And why are you here?
What is this divine displeasure?
Disobeyed disaster is why you're all dismayed
Tertium datum est
For arrogance toward god
For scorning eternal joy
For speaking against god
For the end of power
For envy and hate
For star-gazing
For blasphemy
For the joy of the specter
The foolish mask you wear on
The ringing bells upon your head
Concealed tantrum and bitterness
To withstand his own complete perfections
They who speak, do not know
They who speak, do not know!
They who know, do not speak!
Go forwards, legions of faith
Have us prostrated
Ascend the throne of your own dissonance
Manifestation of enlightenment with eyes wide closed
Beware! The stone you used to build of
Turned to dust!
The foolish mask you wear on
The ringing bells upon your head
Concealed tantrum and bitterness
To withstand his own complete perfections
Attach the ropes to your knees and neck
A marionette, a dumb show
And if you feel more
Don't tell anymore

02. The Dawnfall (Hamartia And Hybris)

Up on the hill we stand
Grey worn gowns, motionless
You can't see the faces, you can't see the eyes
All around the hill
As far as the sight can reach
The smoldering ruins
It smells like the incense and burning flesh
Each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with the flattering word
The coward does it with the kiss
The brave man with the sword!
Creation avenged, naught of our fears left
We are the actors of our own perfection
Let the flames burn!
Let the night glow!
Look, this was life!
It was happening all around you
Since now on ? it's all gone
And since now you'll start to feel
That you were the very part of it
Same as go? is nothing without the fairy tale of him
So you are nobody
Without the world that creates you
The world without the end
This night ended up in flames
For all that they have done to us
For all that you have done to us

03. Infinity Horizon

Far beyond your gods and beliefs
There are worlds you'd never even think of
The question shines through the centuries
If one can get there and back
The history knows so many of them
Who claimed to be enlightened and wise
Their trips made religions for all those
Who look no further than their sight can reach
Spiritual oblivions
Pushing so hard, they made it through the nine gates
And they entered the falls of light and fire
Inaudible astonishment
In awe of the might
Adorned in jewels, shrouded in mists
Challenge the thousand suns!
Do you remember the fallen star
That you have seen from the hill?
You've been waiting for it through your entire life!
And you've lost your wish
For chaining yourself
To this one idea
One thought
One vision
One voice

04. Rage Of Reason

Thoughts once enshrined
And visions entwined
Around each step that I take
I challenge thee!
It takes a time to see from the other side
Of the looking glass
Reflections contorted
Crippled age of reason
A play of blind
With no spectators
Dominion of hope
Is what feeds dissolution
Of this life you've been given
These are the product of those ill-mated marriages thou saw'st
Where good with evil were matched, who of themselves abhor to join
And by imprudence mixed
Produce prodigious births of body and mind
Ye who preach
Who proclaim the sermons
Of the ones not fallen from grace
And disorder of light that you belong to
Don't you dare
Don't you dare to touch me!
Can't you see you're all pregnant
With infernal flame?!
Why don't you all believe
You've been deceived about your disgrace
There is much more to see if you deny your profound fears
Don't look for solace
Angels are envious of what you have
Reflections contorted
Stir up the rage of reason
A play of blind fools
Spectators on their knees
Dominion of hope
Is what feeds dissolution
Of this life you've been given
Don't you dare
Don't you dare to touch me!
Gather back sharp splinters of your resemblance
And now, what would you go for?
To flash once and burn down
Or to stay inflamed without the end

05. Of Bitterness And Clarity

Command me not!
I am the might that you'll never be
What you've promised us to have after we're gone
This we have here and now, for now is on forever
They judgement day we're feared of
Is the limitation of our minds
Ah! Psychotronic streams
Release the ghosts of the old gods
The one resembling in the looking glass
My demigod
Look at his wings
Slightly too big for the frame
And those transparent eyes...
I'd say the world will crush him down
The thousand suns will die
Before you figure that out
How to handle the burden of those titanic wings
Instead of trying to understand
Enjoy this very moment of clarity
As soon as you die ? the world dies with you
Storm of voices
Winds of brightness
Rivers of gold
Smell the sulphur
Black light!
The radiant prism glows upon the mirror walls
Blindfold and chained fools
Dragging their feet for slaughter

06. Silence Makes Noise (Eternity - The Mood)

Heartbeat arrhythmic
Dusk, warm melting dusk
Large room immensely high
All around crowded porcelain
Charming figures of glass
Ballerinas shepherds popes
Alchemic dreadful spells
Wild formulas of the sorcerers
Magical triangles
Little green drowned man
Old brown big leather-bound books
Stuffed birds
The swords long double-edged
And the gorgets of gold
The bats, withered roses
Memories of childhood
Voiceless broken flutes
The devils, the saints, the clowns
Dismal regiments of toy soldiers
Awkward silhouettes of stone creatures
Humdrum litanies of drunk-eyes gods
Agamous devout knights in steel
Paper masks and white flowers
Dirty paintings blurred
Amongst all those
Slender shape of limp old man
Playing the clavicord
Old yellowed clavicord
Playing incessantly eternally
Persisting the immortal smile at white lips
Immersed in the soft reverie
Of this warm evening
And the odd crowd packed all around
Is listening still

07. Hell Is For Children

Blood of legions runs through my veins
I am the hell of hells
The night lights up the paths
Silently with the thunder
We'll destroy the sun
I play with the angels
Razor sharp blade
Winged creatures frightened
They run away loosing feathers
And remains of dignity
Gardens of eden I burn
Vehemence voracious
With the horde of wolves I come
Profanity and death I spit forth
In the silence of my madness
I am the longing spirit
The filthy mass around me, oh!
Kills my joy
Rips my heart out
I wear the mourning for I lost the world
So easily you play with evil
You read the names aloud
All your toys are black
Rebellion for show
Hell that you talk about
Ain't no evil
And let me tell you
You have seen nothing of evil
This hell is for children
Hell is for children

08. Aesthesis

From the south, from the north
Oh snake come forth!
From the west, from the east
Uprising the beast!
The suns collapse in the heavens below!
You deride of my words of aberrant kind
I despise the squareness of your simple minds!
The suns collapse in the heavens below!
Batter my heart, oh three-personed god
This is your time, other is no more
So be careful what you do
This is the last day of the joyless smiles
The swinging pendulum shall knock your heads off!
Rabid looks of your ordained priests
Your tentacles obstinate
Your angels fiery swords
Shall touch me now!
Your obtuse disunity embitters me
Deep abomination to your phantasms
Those children distressed
They don't deserve what they will soon get
All that you will teach them is how to loose the life
As long as you perceive the stars as if they were above you
You're still just a blind and deaf fool
Batter my heart, oh three-personed god
This is your time, other is no more
So be careful what you do
This is the last day of the joyless smiles
The swinging pendulum shall knock your heads off!

09. Distractive Cryscendo


10. Neurodeliri

Three mental insanes, not screaming for fear
Created a new band "Neurodeliri"
Totally ignored, played for themselves
The fate will deny them fame

Filled by desperation
Another fallen angel's suicide


The had no friends, refused by the girls
They had to live alone, going adrift
Unlucky jailbirds, they couldn't escape
And spent all their money for playing

Persecuted by misfortune
Sad but proud till the end


Nobody knows the song they recorded
Nobody felt their madness
Today is too late, the leader has left
This meaningless world forever

Filled by desperation
Sad but proud till the end