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Pagan Altar - The Time Lord lyrics


01. Highway Cavalier

ride the highway of life
Living carefree
Going down life's back streets
Being what I want to be
And I'm meeting people
People like me
Everyone who feels the need to be free

No authority can check me
On my crash course to Hell
Nobody needs to save me
Don't wanna hear that bell
Living free and easy
That's how it's gonna be
Yeah free - free to be me!

I am moving so fast
You'll never catch me
I'm just a blur before your eyes
Sailing on the breeze
Living free and easy
That's how it's gona be
Yeah free - free to be me!

02. The Time Lord

I am the Time Lord
I can take you to places you'd never dream
Freedom is my world
Through time and space where no man has been
Climb aboard with me
And together we'll fly in my astral machine
We'll conquer infinity
With ten times the speed of a laser beam
Across the universe we'll scream
Yes, at ten times the speed of a laser beam

We'll journey through space
To the end of the furthest galaxy
To the time and the place
Of future dreams, forgotten reality
No distance is too far
Out in the stars we can make it with ease
Time can hold no bars
To someone who's free as a cosmic breeze
Barriers crumble, we go where we please
Rocketing free as a cosmic breeze

03. Judgement Of The Dead

Galleries of dead are smiling,
Candlelight is shining,
Judgement of the dead.

Hooded corpses form the jury,
Point with pent up fury,
Judgement of the dead.

A courtroom filled with the dead.
Judge Satan sits at their head.
A cloak of black, that hangs to the ground.
Sentence is passed without even a sound.

Torn soldiers stand in the aisles,
War heroes or fools, yesterday's child.
Dismembered limbs that are lost to deaths glory,
Each to his own, the same stupid story.

Politicians standing in line,
Generals following behind.
Chained to the dock with the leaders of religion,
Heads bowed low awaiting the decision.

Galleries of dead are smiling, candlelight is shining,
Judgement of the dead.

04. The Black Mass

Through the corridors of darkness, on the wings of mans desire,
Conjured by the soulless ones at the everlasting fire.
Borne on waves of insanity from mans primeval past,
The mantra of the tumult has awakened him at last.

Drawing near in the gloom comes the twilight of all shame,
The ravens of night have flown away to set Valhalla aflame.
For too long now the right hand gods have fought between themselves,
With paths that lead to paradise from this demented world.
This is the age, the age of Satan, now that the twilight is done,
Now that Satan has come.

Blue velvet shrouds the altar, black candles pierce the dark,
The skulls of the unbelievers peer sightless, bleached and stark.
The inverted cross of burnished gold the burial urns of light,
The pungent smell of incense wafts out into the night.
This is the age, the age of Satan, now that the twilight is done,
Now that Satan has come

05. Reincarnation

Time on the world had just begun
The earth's lost its role as the Universe's Sun,
Storm clouds build for impending rain,
The birth of the Earth begins again.

Just like before in the distant past,
The hand of the sculptor begins to cast.
Shapes of lands, islands and seas,
Mountains and valleys, flowers and Trees.

Dawn!, surging light, brightening up those darkened hills,
Bringing life, to the charred remains,
A long dead Sun now alive again.
A long dead Sun, now alive again.

Trees!, once stark and bare, now spread their wings high in the air.
A sea of green over rolling plains,
The chain of life begins again,
The chain of life, all over the World.

Shapes, Astral forms now roam the earth, implanting gold.
Eternal greed and selfish minds,
Leave the seeds to tempt mankind,
Leave the seeds, all over the world.

Life awakes again, evolving through endless sleep.
The fires of Hell, the eternal flame,
Started it up to begin again,
Started it up, all over the world.