Daylight Dies - Lost To The Living lyrics


01. Cathedral

A monument
Of failure
A testament
To an unfailing will

Against the sky stands our cathedral
A picture of our isolation
In the dark we must build an answer
At any cost

Measured symmetry
Belies desperation
An attempt to write in stone
The dreams of the young

Against the sky stands our cathedral
A picture of our isolation
In the dark we must build an answer

A pillar to our fleeting solace

Against the sky stands our cathedral
Clutching at the passing time
It was built to be an answer
Take from it what you can

02. A Portrait In White

I see where the lines are leading
I know all I am losing
Time is taking
A life not worth living
I see where the lines are leading

Empty is this life
A portrait, painted all in white
A conclusion which was written
In words that failed to define

Vanished from my sight
A hope, collapsing fraught with bright
A well of absence
A will withdrawn

03. A Subtle Violence

Vacant gazes of the rank and file
Minds in atrophy
Surging numbers of indifference
Do you exist
Or appear to be

All of you
Brimming with this stale life
The dream is over
The dream is dead this time

Your dream is dead this time

Sunken faces, shallow listless lives
Currents of lethargy
Detached masses, in their sleep
Recall the anguish
That once sustained

04. And A Slow Surrender


05. At A Loss

A broken voice
Breaths of anguish drown the words
Welling at my throat

The sky ablaze with stars unchanging
The callous stare of a world unyielding

A whisper
A passing sound
All trace of you removed from here
But these longing words

06. Woke Up Lost

Where two walls meet
And two eyes rest
I am moving
With no meaning

Sounds of routine
A way to dissolve
Let me be lost this day

07. Descending

Muted familiar fragrances
Distant fleeting recollections
This beauty I had come to know
Then recedes
In brittle air

Aimless vagrant waters
Draw me out with the tide
Gasping, slowing descending
Screaming toward the shore

Painful persistent images
Disrupts my sleep
Intrudes in dreams
Faint droning echoes within the walls
Veiled reminders
Of regret time will hold

08. Last Alone

A subtle light
Frays and scatters
Shadows calling down
Alluding to the days

I forgot why I left
I thought I'd be the one to last alone

The vespers chime
Distant hours
Softly questioning
Each step that I have taken

09. The Morning Light

Blurred and pale
I saw your face
As my body rests
Everything has languished
But the sense
Of a memory fading

The morning light
So thin I can feel it breaking
It crosses the wall
Towards my body

The wall above
I saw it changing
In the morning light
Emptiness expanding
Wounds kept fresh
Through careful tending