Goatwhore - The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black lyrics


01. Nocturnal Holocaust

I've Climbed Into The Sun
Burned The Outer Layer
Sucked The World Inside
The Black Light Inside
Covering The Earth With Cold
With The Hands Of All Entirety

Sick Is The Sun
Black As The War Of Lies
I've Felt The Lords Speak-Out
Blackened The Moon
Foretold Plague To Rule
A Kingdom Of Blackness
Now The Wicked Shall Reign
Burn The Faith In Me

Empty Shadows... Left In Witness... Withered Rust
The Hands Bathed... In This Salt... Taste The Lust
Lord Of The Sick... Bringer Of Lies... Covering Your Eyes

Your Wicked Tongue
The Selfish God Above
The Hands Of Destiny
Betray My Innocent Soul
...My Alone

02. Lair Of Nastrond

Layer Upon Layer Of Blissful Lies
This Underworld Raised On All Misfortune

I Fly Upon The Wings Of Lucifer

Engulfing This Frail Emotion To Befall All Unearthed
As Bronzed Eyes Swallow All Fear
A Heat Purging Into Hearts Of Conquest
Too Those Who Dare Never To Return

Hiding These Eyes From Blinding Sun
Intertwined In Loving Grace
A Step Closer To Strike In Vain
This Bittter Air Set To Trap
Tasting An Every Move

Movement In Stagered Formation
Leaving A Trail Of Untouched Tides
An Ocean Of Unveiled Prints For Surprise

A Glare Of Stone Sight To Kill
The Fear Of Man Conforms
Questioning A Heresy Of Unjust Ways
This Answer Of Disbelief

His Might Is Built Upon Fear
An Unknowing Of Death
Questioning The Afterlife Of Religion

A Flowing River Of Scales In Continuem Against This Grain
Uninvited Conquest Brought To Its Knees
During This Blood Filled Reign

Only A Devil Shall Speak
The Forked Tongue Of The High One
These Strands Of Rivers Form
Peeling Outer Life To Reveal An Inner Beauty
Reaching Into This Molten River To Cast The Skin To Stone

03. Desolate Path Of Apocalyptic Ruin

The Seething Light Inhales
Breath Of Mourned Delight

Awaiting... The Storm
Blood, Fire, Chaos, And War

From The Black Abyss

Damnation... Of The Pure
Fires Consume Eternity

The Quest For Higher Pain
Endless Trail To An Extinct Plain
Obsessed With The Murdering Hand
This Numbness Covers My Mind

Blind... Slowly
Breaks My Laws

Almighty... Gods Of War
Besiege The Holy Throne

Light... Betrays Me
This Is My Alone

Drifting On The Winds
Beneath Midnight Skies
Coldness Covers My Latent Eyes
Snake Skin Forms To Ignite Sin

Smearing The Hatred Of Disgust
Upon The Faces Of The Meek
Their Lips Burn With The Taste Of Plagued Virtues

The Hands Of Destiny Are Non-Immortal
Deaths Foretold Of Past
Condemned To Repeat This Disease

Loss Of Divinity

Divine Loss Of Sight

Black As The Cold Silence
I've Felt The Wars Of The Empires

Breaking This Seal Inside For The Son Of All Wars
For The Reign Of A Forgotten Faith
Conversion Of The Flame To Fall To Sea
Filling The Oceans With All, Now I Will Become The Seas

I Contest This Prayer To My Hatred
All Man's Lies Fall Into Sea To Exist

Reburn This Seal For A Closing Of Might
The Divine Bound To Writhe Into Eternity
This Is My Blame For The Loss Of The Sky
To Declare War Over These Lips Of Spite

04. The Beauty In Suffering

The Scarab Of A Thousand Lives
Always Looking To The Light
The Grace Of Man Destroyed In One Day

The Twins Of Twisted Faith
A Mask Of Conjunction To Fulfill A Nightmare
The Blown Sands Of Time... Unkept By The Wise
These Days Are Among Fate... Held By The Condemned Hands

Bitten By The Bug Of Tragedy
Reborn Equinox Of Terror
Pain Uncovered In Torture
This Pureness Running Thru... Fingers Of A Tainted Hourglass
A Crack In The Glass... Will Escape The Boundries Of Life

A Parallel Of Inner Planes
I Am The End Of All Life
These Boundries Not Yet Broken
As Fires Burn
An Offering Of Praise
I Am Stripped Of Flesh
Rejoice In Blasphemy
My Soul Is Devoured

A Colony Of Lepers Travel In Caravans To Spread These Words Of Doom

Demanding Ways To Fellowship Thru Punishment
This Punishment For Guilt
An Inner Justification To Balance The Scale
Outweigh The Virtous Overtones Of Gratification

I Drink Of The Pure Darkness
We Lie In The Coffins Of Our Fathers
The Crimson Moon Has No Remorse For Pride
Dark Serenades To These Midnight Skies

Black God Of Sorcery
The Serpent Of Wisdom... Black Tongue Of Fire
Coming To Take My Hand
To This Eve Of The Black Moon
Hear The Choirs
The Sounds Of Winds That Brought Back Their Cries
Curse Of The Thorn
Once For God In Blood By Tragedy
Reigning Earth For Endless Time

05. As The Reflection Slowly Fades

I Have Seen Her Walking Upon... The Seas
Sinking In My Dreams Of Lust... Beyond Death I Shall Rise
Her Skin Is Pale As The August Moon... In The Shadows Of Dracul
Countess Of Ravens And Wolves... Shall Come To Me

Like The Widow In Black... Beneath A Veil Of Darkness
She Sleeps With The Corpse Of A Red Rose... Red Rose
Her Blood Is As The Midnight Skies... Bleeding Unto The Night
Flowing With Life To Breed Death... Death

Beneath A Veil Of Darkness

The Shadows Weep Silver Tears
Filling The Room With Depressive Sighs
Mourning Her Innocence With Lustful Fear
Lips Filled With The Loneliness Of Cold

As The Reflection Slowly Fades...
From Darkness She Whispers To Me

As The Reflection Slowly Fades...
From Darkness She Whispers To Me

Raised By The Sons Of Disease
Licking The Burns Of The Wicked's Kisses
Driven By Lust To Destroy Feebled Men
Risen From The Burnt Dreams Of The Light

As The Reflection Slowly Fades...
From Darkness She Whispers To Me

As The Reflection Slowly Fades...
From Darkness She Whispers To Me

On Stormy Nights The Thunder Sighs
Pulsing Through My Blood Filled Veins
A Lover Once With Death
As I Gaze Upon The Night Skies

No Mortality Through Her Blackened Eyes
This Her Cursed Will, Forever To Betray
Turned The World Into Her Black Life
Cover The Earth With Her Burned Faith

06. All The Sins

Adulterer... You Are The Whore Of This System
Stone Laws That Are Broken In Time
These Thieves Of Greed To Be Tortured To Teach
To Teach The Wrong Of Man By Punishment

Never Envy Anothers Stance
It Shall Lead To A Bliss Of Self
Burning Blackened Souls
Writhe In The Torments Of Hell
Standing Firm, A Will To Break
These Pieces Of Pride, Shattered
Cold Deathly Embrace
Icy Hands Within

A Dream In Disguse Of A Nightmare
Eclipse Of Dark Covers Souls Of Just
Devouring The Past Years Of Lies
Opening Of The Sky For Lightining Wrath
Sweeping Down For Vengeance
This Civilization Swallowed By Sin
What Is Done Can Not Be Changed
Now You All Shall Feel This Pain

Lost... Is The Icon's Key To Law
Locked Symbolisms To Ruin An Age To Sin
Revolution For Those Of An Ignorant Trait
A Mental War That Grows In Numbers

A Virgin Land Uncovered
This Disease Of Power Spreads
Covering The Lands With Cold
Now History Is Retold

07. Satan's Millennium

Voice Of The Gods
From All This Bliss
Manifesting The Chaos

I Am The Blood
I Am The Hate
I Am The Son
Lucifer's Child

Eternal Darkness Of Earth
Satans Blood Shall Rise
Thunderous Cries Of The Beast
Calling Forth From The Skies

Hail Satan
Hail Sathanus
Lord Of The Earth

Light Of The Black Hearts
The End Is Coming Near
Wrath Of Satan
Evil Is Life

Old Blood Is Born Again
Elder Soul Embraced In Me
I Hold The Abyss
Cradled In The Arms Of Satan

08. Upon This Deathbed Of Cold Fire

This Touch Of A Losting Life Awaits An Impeity Of Pain
A Life Taken Into Its Own Hands Falls On Countless Journies

Can You Feel The Fallen Ages?
This Timeless Slumber From Cold
These Frail Fingers To Untouch A Life... This New Mold
At Long Lasting Emptiness In Sunken Warmth
Fused Into One Being For All Eternity

Tasting A Bitter Delight For This Last Transgression Of Praise
The Winds Are Blown From An Opposite Plane To Conjure The Eternal Flame

As I Drown In The Poisoned River
Breathing A Last Breath In Escape
Visualize A Lost Approach To The Beginning Of A New Man
This Kiss Of The Accursed On Virgin Lips
The Dirty Angel Of All Utmost Sympathy, Praised

Smouldering In Forgotten

A Cursed Stone Throne At Those Awaiting This Judgement
View And Isolate Its Unwanted Display Of Power

Swallowing These Sin Submerged Cities With Oceans Of Fire
To Escape In Legend Will Be Unforgiven By All Of Man

Engravings Of A Sunken Race To Return To Land
Uncovered City Beneath The Sands
Mighty Fortresses Covering The Plains Of Crossroads
A Smell Of Screams Burn Through The Air
Grains Of Salt Covering These Grains Of Sand
Sharp Were The Thorns Of This False Kings Fall

As I Stand Upon The Mountain
Staring Into The Blackness
Seize Of Darkness
Seize Of Hatred
Seize Of Evil
I Fear Not For My Life
For I Am One With Death
A Passage Through Sorrow To Taste Winters Breath

All The False Images That Lead The Youth To Damnation
These Lost Years Have Been Written By An Ancient Divine Will
Misfortunes Of The World A Trait To Be Engulfed With Sin
Holding The Hands Of Unvirtue
Entwined Blackness Burns A Creation To Ash
An Ungodliness That Devours Itself, Whole

Manifest This Chaos Of The Arts
Terror In The Minds Eye
A Sick Sea Where Brothers Slay Brothers
Stare Within This Fortold Divine Decree

09. Gravedom

Whispering Upon Funeral Winds
As The Horde From Hell Rides
Entering The Earth
Raping The Souls
The Living Dead Shall Rise

Apocalypse Destroying All Peace And Holiness
Destroying Light... Eternal Night

Impious Gods Fall To Enlightened Hordes
Twelve Days Pass For The Ruin Of Their Lands
Treaties Fail To Rage A Sea Of 100 Wars

Only Darkness And Death, I Drink Of Pure Darkness
Raping The Earth
Blasphemy Demons Speak To Me, Lying In The Coffins Of Our Fathers
Raping Its Souls
We Who Own The Darkness, Raise The Knife... Plunge It Deep
Destroying All
Into The Heart Of The Weeping Angel, Kiss The Hand Of Satan
Destroying The Light

The Sky Begins To Bleed
The Beginning Of The New Breed
This Freedom Burns In The Fires Of The Earth

Human Heads Are Impaled On Warrior Swords

All Skies Begin To Burn...
A World Of Utmost Desire
Realm Of Endless Pain, Storms Forever Rain

Falling Stars From These Dying Souls Are...
Drifting Into Hell
Laughing At Lost Might

Frozen Nights... Unholy Nights, Souls Are Drifting Into Hell
Heaven Will Fall
Satan Comes To Rule The Earth, Darkened Souls Forever More
Murder Fills The World

I Lie Alone
Burning The Skylight
Ruling The Earth
Seal This Light

I Am The Beheader Of Kings And I Rise Against
The Holy Lands To Betray The Eternity Of Man

Burning Down Everything In Sight... Alone

10. Invert The Virgin

Slice Open The Whores Neck
Invoke The Blood
Bathe In The Warm Red
Invert Her Virgin Soul

Her Soul Was Once Pure
Now She Is But A Whore
She Is Now Possessed
In The Grip Of Darkness

Invert The Virgin [X3]... Invert

She Lies Dead On The Altar
The Incubus Licks Her Flesh
As We Start The Ritual
In Her Virgin Blood

Her Corpse Is Now A Shell
For The Master To Be Born
Through The Darkness He Comes
Crawling Forth From Hell

His Pain Is Adorned
With Thorns From A Fallen King
His Strength Is Covered
With Lust Of The Fallen Few

11. Perversions Of The Ancient Goat

As Darkness Takes My Soul
Through The Sinister Thy Shall Be Born
Summon The Mistress Of Night
Hail And Praises Be

Hail... To The Ancient Goat
Pleasures In Perversity

Come To Me Dark Goddess, Enchant With Your Sin
To Feed Upon The Living Blood, Writhe In Blasphemy
For I Am Your Servant, Praise To Baphomet

As Darkness Takes My Soul
Hail To The Ancient Goat
Birthed To A Thousand Young
Hail And Praises Be

12. Into A Darker Sun

I Am The Black Goat
Wandering Amongst The Trees
Bastard Of Thousands
Selfish God Of All

Sullen Skies Alight In Curiosity
If All Else Ends, This Time Man Has Arranged A Doubt
In All Shortcomings Brings This Struggle
To Ignite The Once Force Of Stable Unity
To Die As One In This Creative Legion
These Colors Of Life Almost Bleed Out Loud
These Ancient Lores Of Kindreds Unknown
A Myth Unveiled To Bring The End Of Eternity

I Am Drunk On The Blood Of The Unborn Child
The Wolves Gather Around To Greet Me In The Shadows

Black Candles Burn As The Demons Swarm My Eyes
Blood Is Shared... Invocation To The Elder Gods
Rights Of The Blackened Angel Now Come To Me
I Hear The Voices Call To Me In The Darkness

Untold Oceans Of A Black Beyond... Cast Out For These Deeds
Infect The Bloodline To Bleed All... Glorious Taste Of Victory
This A Key That Lies Within... The Flesh Of A New Frost
Bitter To Summon Locust Winds... Among Gardens Of Pain

I Am The Testament Of Lucifer
I Shall Give My Kingdom To The Beast
I Call Upon The Four Corners Of Hell
Come Forth To Me With Your Wrath

Wormholes Descend For Eternity
Mausoleum Of Tears Combust Into Fire
Visual Myth Of The Underworld
Taught To Keep A Mortal Man To Fear

Release The Black Curse
And Drink The Poison Of God

Uncleansed Hands Breath Death Into This Stream
An Offering Of Tranquility Upon The Winds
A Scavengers Brittle Silver Wings
To Yeild This Sickle Of Contemplation...

...Upon All Who Have Denied ...Silence Grows Weak
...A Dormant Lying Disease ...Not A Soul Shall Speak

13. Under A Dark God

Serpent Eyes Caress An Endless Inner Source

These Moving Walls Untouched In Mortal Glare
Unseen By All This Kingdom Of Change

Shedding The Visions Of A Cold But Burning Sting Of Poison
Watching Eyes Stare As A Dusk Freezes This Horizon Landscape
Warm Filled Life Induced Through A Venomous Filter To End All
A Cold Blood To Inject Into An Unwanted Divinity Of Broken Ways

Overcome By All That Fears Its Sight
This Home To A Heartless Stone Glance
Veins Of An Unswallowed Prey A Feast
Hail This Lair That Swallows All Disease

And The Darkness Shall Be
Upon My Throne Of Might
And On Ravens Wings I Shall Fly
Into Cold Darkness

This Unblessed Dawn Will Awaken Entwined
Reflection Of This Fire Lighting The Way
Sleep Deep Within This Twisting Hunger
Infinity Of Rebirth To Take Form In Demise

And The Darkness Shall Be
Upon My Throne Of Might
And On Ravens Wings I Shall Fly
Beneath A Dark God

Unbalanced Movement... Serpentine Skill One By One
This Trap Is Set... These Wars Are To Be Won
Heaven Sounds Its Armies... Gates Fall Open To Failure
A Sheild Of Scales... No Match For War

The Skies A Light With Cherubs Holding Golden Horns Of Praise
Cadence Unsound In Charming The Deaf Underworld From Extinction

Now This Ruin Has Come
The Treacherous King Will Rule

14. Commanding The Legions Of Hell

Speak Forbidden Words
Call The Demon Gods
Holy Blood Will Flow
Upon The Throne Of Satan

I Praise The Dark Name Of Thee
Come Forht From The Black Abyss
Command Thy Armies Of Hell

To This Holy Worlds Demise
To The Never Ending Darkness
To The Obsenities I Yearn For
To The Betrayel Of You All

Man's Mortal Virtue A Ruin For Ages To Speak
A Curse Lain Down For Countless Years
Against All Who Speak Such Evil

A Crown Of Thorns Worn By Warriors Of The Dark Lord
The Forefathers Bastards Of The So-Called Pure
The Souls Ripped Forht To Kill Their Ways... Kill Them All

Beating And Torturing Your God
As The Nails Are Ripped Through Flesh
I Reign Upon The Mountain That Is The Skull
Light Has Fallen, Darkness Engulfs

This Name Never To Be Spoken
I Am The Soul Of The Serpent
Join The Ceremony
Rejoice In Blasphemy

15. Graveyards And Dead Angels

In The Shadows Of The Graveyards

Birthed From The Burning Womb
From The Dead Seas A Leader Is Born
The Birds Fall Dead From The Skies
Unholy Son Shall Rise

Let Me Roam In The Shadows Of The Graveyard
I Cruch The Wings Of Angels Beneath My Feet
Candlelight Dances Through The Darkness
Angels Aflame Scream To The Midnight Skies
In The Shadows Of The Graveyard

The Tongue Of The Serpent... Ablaze
Destroying All The Holy
Maggots Seek The Light Of God
Descending Angels Aflame

Dark Destiny Together
Rising Army From Darkness
Empty Black Souls Of Impure
At One With Shadows

The Blackened Seas Swallow The Heavens Whole
The Skies Are Consumed By Flames
The False God Has Arisen Through The Trinity

To Bring The Downfall Of God And Light

Great Steeds Trample Their Hallowed Bodies
Crushing The Virtues Of All That Beg For Forgiveness

Where Feasts Are Held In All Praise
Empires Rise To Fall
Porcelain Faces Crushed By Legions
A New Kingdom Born
Eternal Night To Reign Forever
From Ashes Of Desolate Faith
In The Sky The Kingdom Loathes
The Choirs Of The Damned Sounding

Churning The Wings To Flames
Igniting Our Armies Delight
A Ravens Call To Sadness
Journeys To Darkened Fortresses

The Lands Covered With Desecrated Dreams
Chanting Calls Of Freedom Sound
Dark Serenades Enshroud The Tombs
Retribution Is Now At Hand
Eye Of The Moon Illuminates
The Winds That Carry Their Cries
Crystal Seas Blows Through The Hallowed Skies
Destroyed Centuries