Bloodbath - The Fathomless Mastery lyrics


01. At The Behest Of Their Death

Music & lyrics by Anders Nyström
The advent of Christ shall matter not to us
Abortus bastard, our nemesis be gone
Yearning to entice the cowardice in our enemy
So hasten the plague when all the rats shall come

Kings from the east
Wise but three
Plotting for the prophecy of the unborn savior
Of bottomless descent
Liars in wait
To reap what was sown as the virginborn
At the behest of their death

Enraged in hate
Wreaking havoc
In the name of Sheol
Defeating whatever may stand in our way

Our diabolical anthem so foul to their ears
Gospel of dissonance
Pernicious cacophony
Bewildered apostles beseeching for repent
Desert fathers agonized in throes of leprosy

Chanting the name of the accuser
Unrevealed is the face of a dog
Nocturnal is the lapse of the earth
Empire of the cross defeated before birth

Curse the son
Condemn the epitome
Hierarchy of scum
Evangelists dragged through the pits ordeal

Salvation repelled
Unbless the purity
Infuriate the mad
The influx of calvary spewed upon souls

Deities raped by the wind of perdition
Mutiny to dynasty
So splendidly elite
An ode to atrocities echoes to the sun
Transcend absolution
A grandeur complete

02. Process Of Disillumination

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
The God before all Gods must rule again

Internal winter rise
If you cross our path in this nation of death
Repent and wait for slaughter
Insanity comes
Race through my soul

Humanity recoil
Suffer backwards through the ages

I am above the sun
I see the rightful fall behind the gates of heaven
And God is cast down
Crowned in the spit of retaliation

Prince of darkness rise
Claim what's been yours through the ages of sleep
Drenched in your scorn
Insanity comes
Antichrist is born

03. Slaughtering The Will To Live

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Fettered sun
Consumed is the mass of our disbelief
Unborn is the icon
Rigid sphere
Sever the hands of the human sheep

He stands above the crest
All seeing
Feathers scattered round his feet
His ways do not forgive
Coming of vengeance
Slaughtering the will to live

Soul in breathless sleep
Predators abide
Larvae is born within the living
Curse the sun and the heads of men
Master stride begin

Heresy of storming rage
Perished men are piled in hundreds
Vortex of the revelation
Whispering a thousand deaths

Lance the pure heart
Jaws declare this turmoil
Feeble race is burning up
Temples fall to ash and soil

04. Mock The Cross

Music by Per Eriksson
Lyrics by Mikael Åkerfeldt
In the womb
A sea of vomit
Nurturing the false prophet
His mouth of blasphemy
Spreading forth the creed of the infidels

His spit on the flaking emblem of Solomon
A schism of confusion weaken the trinity
Foresee the death of the holy alliance
The withering corpse of Christ

Mock the cross

Thieving throughout the ages of man
He has come to claim eternal prize
Antichrist of flesh and blood
Overseeing his domain with tender care

The foul taste of deceit
Lingering upon his lips
Fools entranced by divine intellect
Enslaved and scorned for eternity
The long awaited rise of the usurper
A new world order taking form

Hordes rejoiced in eternal solstice
Honoring the true kingdom
Possession of the gullible souls
Mass death in the name of dog

05. Treasonous

Music & lyrics by Anders Nyström
I learned the lord is my master
Though his name I no more chant
I removed my silver crucifix
Harken not to the preacher's rant
My only Bible has been burned
That was the last time I kneeled
Nothing in church I ever learned
Only to my selfish urge I'd yield

I am traitorous
I am treasonous

Sworn allegiance I desert
To sin and lust I convert
My unbelief prevaricates
The abode of hell my soul awaits

So I burn
Oh they feed me flames
At the stake I taste the merciless fire
So I burn
Oh but the devil knows
I shall rise renewed from the ashes of my death

I was throbbing in my desire
Holy doctrines I no more knew
When I was praying at the altar
The words all seemed too few
Tempted to sell my soul
My mind corrupted with vanity
Obsessed to reach my goal
Enticed beyond the gates of insanity

Perverse intent in my mind
High on deceit and what I can blind
Heresy is my guilty creed
In perjury engulfed in greed

06. Iesous

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Throw him
Bound and gagged upon soil
The red sun
Tear the soul of God's only son

Inhuman is elite
Release my breath
The violence burns in me
The words I speak to him of suffocating dark

Blind eye
Bleeding shadows on the sun
The madness

Constant suffering
Heaving breath
Cross hangs twisted round his neck


Absorb now this pain
Spirit encaged
All hope is slain
Die by our rage

07. Drink From The Cup Of Heresy

Music by Per Eriksson
Lyrics by Mikael Åkerfeldt
Drink from the cup of heresy
Feel the enchanting powers
Dismantle the government of lies
Stand up against the ultimate sinner

Our lord is vapor
In the corner of the eyes of fools
Disrupting a worthless rat race
Ticking towards their demise

False wretched kings aside
You are nothing
Upon the cross hangs your eternal lie
In blashpemy you're nothing

Drink from the cup of heresy
Take control of your soul
Fight the enslaver
Dismiss the web of lies
The fear in your heart is false

Drink from the cup of heresy
Spit your confession back with pride
Break the rusted shackles of control
Never accepted feeble rules

Controlling me with a fairytale
Vast thousands of misleading translations
Confusing the minds of the weak
But not me

In the name of blashpemy you're nothing

08. Devouring The Feeble

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Black hidden presence
Waves his hand
Strides the earth for infamy
Talons strain
Devouring the feeble
Dog God litany
Earth shall crumble
Amidst the ashes he will rise
Cursing of the holy ghost
Mankind choking on its own demise

Cold grasp around the heart
Claws writhing in the flesh
Rites of supremacy
Consume the weak and quench their souls

Come red death
Swirl the sky
Bring forth the rain of fevers
Sickening is the dogma rushing through your veins
Buried believers

The ever rotting presence of him
The rotten sculpture of the one that is bound to rise
Conjure now this dark upheaval
The pestilence that is bound to come and cleanse the Earth

09. Earthrot

Music by Per Eriksson
Lyrics by Mikael Åkerfeldt
A stream from the virgin wounds
Sunken into the moors
The bones of past ancestors
Infesting forgotten mass graves

The bloodletting of christianity
An ancient whisper from the past
Buried in the soil like secret folklore
Eating away on the roots of mankind

Human earthrot

The martyr's celebration
The blood sunken deep into the earth
Futile pipedream
Twisted beliefs
Confirming the parasite features of mankind

We are all lying
We are all dying
Apocalyptic nightmare
Majestic unstoppable conspiracy

The weak reahing for the gun
Infect the Earth once more
Pulsating against the core
Nuclear winter in its wake

10. Hades Rising

Music & lyrics by Anders Nyström
Vengeance provoked
Behold the mark of Cain
Uncreate the genesis
Devoured by the abyss

Cleave the covenant
And powers that grant
Bury the testament
Tumbled by torment

The suffering eternal
Soaking the rays of celestial

Benediction of bane
Falling through cracks of

Kingdoms quake
Mountains move
Skies collapse
Sulphur descending
Suns eclipse
Seas overflow
End of days
Hades arising

The father
Son and the holy ghost
Tridents penetrate
Steel and flesh conjugate
Vaporize the spirits of distress
Sabaoth of legions
Redder the regions

Time in reverse
The God heads rear
The blood divine splattered on the three-pronged spear
The dagger of night
Hearts stabbed and cloaked
The banishing of the fallen one has been revoked

11. Wretched Human Mirror

Music & lyrics by Jonas Renkse
Baptized in vermin
Gagging on leeches twisting in your throat
Swallow the parasite
Alive in the liquid that is flushing through your viscera
Mind disintegrates
Replacing the blood with virus and insects
Revel in this death
Letting something in that will not be exorcised

Human guinea pig
Image of despair
Bastard waiting
Suffering upon the cross of surgery

Red drift from the eyes
So dark the panic
So rotting this demise
Inhale your own impending death
Breathe in
Maggots crawl in your last breath

Surgical carnage
Chunks of your own flesh are forced into your mouth
Removing the face
Wretched human mirror
Incarnation of disgrace
Ice cold eyes
Long since emptied of hope and faith
Staring dead into the void
Internal ultra-violence
Body and mind destroyed