Seance - Awakening Of The Gods lyrics


01. Wasted

Lying here in my rotten grave
Thoughts play tricks to my head
Faithless words about your will to save (me)
Oh my god an I dead

Peeling out your eye and through it down

Bugs are eating upon my skull
Leeches crawl in my vein
Rats attacking my swelling limbs
My skin turns blue I'm insane

Marching unto the dead
Deeper into realms of Satan
Beyond the world you call life

Marching into the death
This will be your final breath
Fallen from the sky

Death surrounds me everywhere
Now I pay for my sins
Coughing dust in eternal time
My lifeless soul's not dead

Screaming voices in despair
Nocturnal demons rhymes
Echoes bouncing through the walls
Oh my god am I dead

02. They

They passing through your mortal flesh
In hate and anger
They take your soul from you
Conquering your mind with pain

Wide open wounds you bleed
Violence is unleashed
Prepare to save your self beware

They pull you under the bed

Longing for the eternal death
There you can rest in peace

They hang you from a rotten tree

You wish you were buried in the blackest soil
Deep down below your fear

Pay the price that is on your soul
They hunt you down that is their goal

And as you turn to stone
Your flesh is ripped to the bone
Walls are stained with blood from you

Pandemonium ancient rites
Soul once again comes alive
Fallen angel ahh I took you hand
Ripped through the flesh invoken the dark
My soul will burn again
Kill in the name of hate and fear
Reborn awake
My descending spirit will revenge
Mortal flee killing spree
Plagues of hell demons dwell
You never escape you die
Captured in my trauma
Crosses turn again to south
No more sleep to humankind
Feeling no more pain

Skin-peeled and gasping for breath
They hang you upside down
Blood splashing down the floor
They pull your fingers out
Opens up your chest
Mangled face death comes reborn

03. Your Time Has Come

Turn the key push the button
This will be my finest gift
I am terminating
All souls I tear apart

Tear apart

Black skies turn white
Overwhelming fear impales you
Mushroom clouds are forming
They will find you too

Reign of fire
Brighter than the sun
Hell is
Upon you
you know your time has come

Laughing demons
Surfing on nuclear shockwaves
Don't take your eyes off of them
They'll rip your soul apart

Soul apart

Vengeance overkill
Violent retribution
Mass murder terror
Doomsday is on its way

I am the night that will
Forever lay to rest
I am the peace you search
For call it heaven sent
I am you death your hate
Your mind your soul I bent
I am your pain your hurt
Your prayers heaven sent

04. Invocation

I will summon the ghosts
The evil ghost
Is born to this world

Hordes of evil creation

Revels from the darkness
Will rip your flesh into the bones
And tear your soul apart

Hail to thee
Lord Luciferion
Bring to me
The sign of oblivion

Cleanse me
Unholy spirit take my soul
Seventh seal
Evil twisted death

I now summon the ghost
Bringer of damnation will smash your face
And send you straight to hell

Now the nightshade will fall
And the serpent will call
For you

I will sacrifice

05. Flight Of The Wicked


06. Murder

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray my soul is mine to keep
No life left for the dead
I will rise again
Yes I died before I woke

Breathing is no more
Screaming for some gore
Face down dead on the ground
Roll the dice again

My body ain't yet cold
Buried to be untold
Chills run upon my spin
I will walk again

In the blink of an eye
Ruptured veins
I was supposed to die

Beyond the night I fall
Summoning my self to live
Came back as no one before
To slice again

Inside my blistered eyes
No control
No control brutal frenzy
Gushing blood torn intensive

Scream for the blood you stole from me
I'll take yours now

Die for the sake of just being killed
I through your soul away

07. Choose Your Eternety

I'll send your soul to the other side
Your life will end today
Hell hounds are with me, and on the hunt
You will never catch your breath

Cold strikes when I begin to stroke your hair
You start to lose your mind
Changing shadows reaching out to tear
There's no help in prayers

Your eternity
Your flesh dies now
And you will be dead forever
Will be dead forever
Dead forever

Those who had received the mark of the beast
Or worshipped my image
Will be generals of gnawing the
Skulls of suffering sinners

Torment in fire
Everlasting punishment
Agony forever
Shame and everlasting contempt

Writhe in flames
Weeping and gnashing of teeth
Now it's the time
Raise your hand and join the beast

Hordes of demons
Souls from the beginning of time
In legions they gathered
Sound the horn of genocide

And now it starts ferocious and grim
Horizons in blood terror the bring

Choose choose choose

The war goes on from this day to the end
Fallen mortals you torments
Hell hounds are with you and on the hunt
They'll never catch their breath

08. Forever Haunted

That's the last nail in your coffin
This time you'll never break free
Chains and ropes surrounds you
Why can't you leave me be
Buried in the deepest grave
Under tons of stones and concrete
You will become free from my mind

That same night I felt your stare
I heard your voice whisper
Beware I better prepare
The curse still lives it is not dead
Yes something is behind me
Something I can't see but I can feel
Twisting shadows of the dead

Cursed doomed condemned
To be forever haunted

I dragged you inside and tied you up
Everytime I see thru your disguise
Please die when I set you on fire
Crematoria, filled with euphoria
But something is behind me
Something I can't see but I can feel
Resurrection of the dead

Uncontrolled rage
Slash stab
This will certainly bring you home
You tried to run tried to hide
I sliced you open

Rip tear
Hacking chopping you in half
Maiming haste
Death embraced
Smash you to dust

Die it's you again
Why I'll kill you again

To no prevail you are here again
Now you are everywhere
I've killed you once I've killed you twice
And now I will kill you again
But something is behind me
Something I can't see but I can feel
Recollection of the dead

09. Revel In Death


10. Prisoner 666

Ten long years I've been caged
Within these walls
I must be free I must break out
To ease my pain
Urge to kill and feast on human flesh
Step inside my cell now
You will five me birth again

I ran outside I'm free at last
Over the walls past the guard
And into the dark
I ran like hell found a house
And knocked the door
Sorry to disturb you
You will give me life again

Kill I'm worse than hell
Embraced by evil force
Chaos will rule again
The innocent is my prey

I slashed them up stole their car
To the nearest bar
I'm the bringer of hate no one escapes
This inevitable fate
I sealed the door, and pulled my 44
May I have your attention please
You will give me a soul again

My game of slaughter just started today
Do you want to come out and play
I am adapted to a diet of death
Stand still while I'm crushing your head

Who knows someday I'm coming your way
You better beware you better prepare
Lock you door

Sneaking up coming from the back
You will be the loser
You will give me death again

11. Burn Me

This place will kill me
It seems to feel my pain
Secretions of flesh
Reveals its final aim
Slowly approaching
Thru the offensive stench
The cold controlled
Time has just run out

Uhhhh hell imprinting my mind

Burn me, obey me
Defy me, invite me

Believe me now
Believe we leave this you have seen
The circle inside the tomb
You shall deny what you defy
Suffering is only for the weak and worthless

The silence is broken
The sphere is turning red
The words been spoken
Prepare to meet the dead
The hooks in flesh
Dragging me inside
Controlled with fire
I will wake up dead

Now burn you turn
Walk through the land of hate
Impaled with darkness
Will also be your fate
Come come closer
Bring forth your final day
Deal in pain
No life will remain