Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth lyrics


01. Primal Emptiness Of Outerspace

On our voyage, a distant sun
Our planet's dead, our battle's done
Our place in time has come undone

Plot our course, the planet Earth
Into the past, to stop our birth

Last fight, take flight

Go forth with Godspeed, reaching destiny
Go forth with Godspeed, reaching eternity

Like a shadow, the darkest path
Transcend the universe, our futures past
A new life within our grasp

Our history shall be redeemed
By a vision, lost in our dreams
Primal emptiness of our screams

02. Dark Towers

Dark towers, grave robbers
Dark powers, die slower
Gears turning, souls burning
Hearts breaking

Dark towers, grave diggers
Sick fuckers, kill lovers
Blood running, flames rising
Death swarming

In the belly of the beast
Bastards bloated form the feast
Walking through this land of death
Are we wasting our last breath

We hear the prophets call
When the profits fall

All will soon be gone

03. Slow Hand Of Death

Evil lies
Souls of fire
Master plan
Death of man

Hands of time
Slit your wrists
Bleeding out, a fragrant kiss
Death it comes, crashing in

Slow hand of death

No remorse
The tragic course
Hide your eyes, awaiting death
Fighting for, your last breath

04. Wendigo Pt.1 (Quest For Fire)

The boreal breaks into barren lands
I told them not to trust these Indians
Now we seem to have lost our way
Our guide has gone, we are left astray
The wind blew in with a storm
Our horses fled as the snow swarmed

Quest for fire
Blizzard never rests
We grow tired
Welcome death

No food or fire, it's been so long
Now this hunger deep inside
It grows oh so strong
Watch the others drift off to sleep
The last is gone I shall begin to feast

Quest for fire
Blizzard never rests
We grow tired
Welcome death

Savage beast consumes my heart
Grasping limbs I tear apart
What's left of my company?
Why have you forsaken me?

Alone again but still my hungers grows
My soul is not my own, I am the Wendigo

05. These Are My Dress Clothes

Bodies are burning, your love it ain't earning
Arms are out reaching, our birth should have stayed in

Down in the wasteland of our town a showdown
Finding a fortune within us

The fire ain't out
Bring on the drought

Slow down the function, our heart beats the weapon
Lightning filled eyes washout blackening skies

Cupping your breath with the dirtiest fingers
Kissing the dirt with the strangers

These are my dress clothes

06. Wendigo Pt.2 (Cursed To Roam)

Human heart growing cold
Spirit beast has possessed my soul
Cursed to roam
Legend of long ago
Evil has taken a hold

Searching the tundra for frozen caves
To escape the demon that's made me a slave
The beast forces my hand
To feast on flesh of man
His thirst controls my mind
In defeat I scream to the sky

Let him howl
Let him feed
Take my life
Let me be free

07. Medication


08. Quiet Earth

End our days, sick with fear
The dog of war, lurking near
Last embrace, final vow
Setting forth, the quiet Earth

On and on and on
Death becomes the dawn

Hand of god, mushroom cloud
Sacred shroud, send it down
Wisdom lied, love it died
Father's pride, lay down and die

Quiet Earth