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Desultory - Swallow The Snake lyrics


01. Mushroom Smile

Can't you read the patterns, can't you see the end
what goes around comes around, here we go again yeah.

Can't you read the patterns, can't you see the end
what goes around comes around, here we go again yeah.
Can't you feed your senses enough to realize to see
just how the story goes, the way the pendulum strikes.

Rest my head on the mushroom dust spending vacuum time.
Mark her turns with my silver brush watching from the sky.

And there is no difference no rich and open minds.
No change no further evolution, no wisdom earned by time.
Where's the point in racing endlessly
when it's enough by far to blow us clean.
It takes the day when stars fall from the sky
before our hearts gets wider than our pride.

I can see tomorrow with my rearview eye.
Our past will twist and turn again,
I see the mushroom smile

02. The Bitter Man

So call me the bitter man cos I do no longer care.
Tear off my skin, look deep in my soul
and I'll show the scars I wear.
I'm not crying, I'm not crying, I'm not the crying kind
but you're dying yeah you're dying cos you're the dying kind.

And I've been to the end and I'll take you there
so don't make me think cause I don't even care.

And I'll be happy to pour some salt in your wounds
cos I'd love to see you cry.
So don't trust my smile and don't trust my eyes
cos I promise you I'll lie
and I won't waste my time to prove you wrong
cos it would take too god damn long,
take too god damn, take too god damn, take too god damn long.

You wish you'd be once again the one that wins in the end.
Don't hope too much now my friend.
Don't hope too much now my friend, let it go!

The words I'll never speak still echoes in my mind
just gaze into these empty eyes and tell me what you find

03. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow

Your time means nothing, a journey for the sun.
A change of wind and weather into a different kind.
It's like you never passed upon this golden plains.
Your life was just a flash, I wish I'd remember

The morning breeze threw sand in my face
But I will meet the day with dignity.
I know the secrets buried in this place.
But I can't remember

I watched your father, I have seen them all.
Owe the treasures of our land, I have seen them fall
and now the screams have died into a distant world
a place of joy and pride I still can't remember

My limbs are carved in stone on the ground
I'm gonna stay awake forever.
I know each move every single sound
but I can't remember

I've seen the centuries slowly pass me by
They may have marked my being but by god I'm still alive.
Days passed in dust of sand against the crimson horizon.
I feel the touch of our fathers hand, I wish I'd remember

04. Swallow The Snake

Scream to me, make me see why you are crumbling.
Build a grave one brick each day, the beast is rumbling.
Is it way too tempting to rape that crying child?
Is it so addictive to tell another lie?

Suck the space in million ways, the fools collision.
The super rush, eternal buzz, the freaks affection
now I'm counting snowflakes and the cattle herd
makes my head start spinning and my senses burn

Can you ever be forgiven for giving apathy a prize.
Can I ever turn my other cheek when you kill before my eyes

I'm just a floating zombie.
Don't wanna live your life.
I need to touch some substance
not just sugar for my mind.
Now I'm counting snowflakes
and the cattle herd makes
my head start spinning
and my senses burn

05. In My Veins

Tell me who I am.
Look what I've become what I've turned into.
I'm not longer me the one I used to be.
I am made of stone and you better believe it's true

Try to stop from falling down.
You'll be in hell much faster than you know

It's just not enough that I've killed myself
oh so many times, now I hardly exist
I am drained from blood cos you're in my veins.
I need to be set free from chains and burdens,
free from all that's old and crippled.
Won't try to keep warm what is dead.
You're on your own much faster than you know

Hey, I'll keep myself away.
Hey, hey, just keep myself away

Can't you see that I'm dying,
fading away I can't fight all your demons.
You're too full of pain.

06. Blizzard In My Blood

I feel the touch of your hand sweeping across our land.
I see the work of your hand spreading across our land

I know the changes, they are temporary
waves and they're never here to stay
but hurry now cos patience just don't live
forever and I feel like 100 years today

And when I die if I do.
I've seen a hundred of you and when I die if I do.
I know just what you do

There are days when I can reach up
to the sun days that couldn't go too slow but today
I'm at the bottom of the world, yeah, today I feel so low

Yeah - It feels so hopeless in my grave
Yeah - It's like I'm mouldering every day
Yeah - I need a blizzard through my blood
Yeah - to drown my veins into the flood

07. Zone Traveller

I turn my face to a different place
to taste the air they're breathing there.
I race with winds through time and space
to catch the marks they are leaving.
Raging screams from killing streets.
Their toxic wounds are bleeding

I drink your rain and sail your wave.
The black gold's in my face.
A fire's burning in my eyes.
I've had enough of your ways

Take me home, take me home.
I'll leave your sins and dirty whores.
Take me home, take me home.
I've seen the pain, her aching sores

I fled the southern hemisphere.
I ran upon the sea.
I felt the tradewind through my hair
not for a second loosing speed

Take me home, take me home.
I'll leave your sins and dirty whores.
Take me home, take me home.
I've seen the pain, her aching sores

I have travelled the world.
I have travelled the world.
It's like the fate of humanity's decided by my words

I climb the wall so afraid to fall,
smell the breath from the ground.
Each grip I take every move I make,
you always bring me down

And I can't replace if you keep
the pace killing is for sale
The right hand steal and the other feed
we're running for our tail.

08. Beneath

The shadow still remain.
Reminds me of the pain.
It's shallow yet it's deep.
But it's nothing we can keep

09. King Of The Valley And The Western Sky

I can't ignore the highway, I've got it in my dreams.
It's right beside my palace and just above the sea.
I have the stars around me, sometimes I feel the world.
And from the top of his lighthouse we touch the universe

The western sky is bleeding, our view is open wide.
The sun is burning the city, this valley is divine.
I am the king of the hill now, my senses are aroused.
If I maintain the balance my head will reach the clouds

I look upon my kingdom.I can't hold back my pride.
A perfect situation.
We're making 0 3 5

10. Nothing Dies

Peel away the skin that hurts.
Peel away the skin that burns.

Turn away from all you know
Turn away to save your soul

Peel away the skin that's cold.
Peel away the skin that's old

Will I ever touch the sun again.
Will it blind my eyes and ease the pain.
Will I ever burn my hands again nothing ever stays the same

See through the lies.
See that nothing ever dies,
nothing dies, nothing ever dies

11. Silent Suffering

Crush the dreams within and do away with all the joy and pride.
Leave the past behind just leave it all and heal the wounds inside.
But I will never hear, I'll never see. I'll never ever trust again.
But do you know and do you care, to me it's all the same

Crush the one that speaks.
Just go ahead and tear the world apart.
And let them pay just let them pay for tearing out your heart.
I will be the one that steals the smile
that steals the smile right off your face.
And trust me now that I'll be here,
be there to count your days

Can you feel the pain.
Can you feel the silent suffering.
Can you ease the pain.
Can you make me wanna come alive.
Can you make me die

Don't let me ever hear your voice again
Don't let me ever see your face again