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Vielikan - Emotional Void lyrics


01. A Vertiginous Fall

Hard to distinguish a truth in the black marsh
In a unforgettable time, a completed age
Dreams for dreaming and nothing around, only void
She did not understand what she felt

Her soul's blood was flowing through her eyes
Eyes perceiving only her forgotten desire
Emotional confusion, sorrow and hopeless wishes
He led her poor and weak soul to a vertiginous fall

Knowing it was too late, she was loosing hope
Time stole the charm. It was sealed forever
It was too far but it always haunted her
She felt herself bucolic, alcoholic, nostalgic

She thought life betrayed her
She wished to pass the chrysalis state
She intended to live even if she could not
But he dominated her mind's lesser thoughts

Along the long and hardest road
Along deepest veins of blood
Through your highest wave
Against pain I inflicted
Many cries and many broken dreams
Followed by helpless and hopeless screams
In every tainted and dark day
We fell apart in a different way

She was a rotten fruit made of stain and worms were devouring her
Her belly opened, gaping, her organs dispersed everywhere
A rotted malicious flesh near an empty, forgotten, murdered lake
She was a corpse made of morbid thoughts

She created an intense rage destroying her
Thinking it will lighten her to reach freedom
In a dirty, balmy, unholy place
Unable to leave a world she created

She was proudly vomiting the symbol of her unappeased dreams
She wished to kill him slowly, stamping on his face
She wished to tear out his life, imprisoning his soul
Like the drain, she was dry of tears

A fiendish angel made her collapse
She lived through destructive passion in agony
She fell in love with a lost being
She thought she found him again, but it was the end

02. Zero Affection

Hope would never bring anything
When believing it hurts and creates illusions
Attachments cover reality
Dreams are a poison the human being loves

He found the key to lock it,
That door opening to a gloomy but charming chamber
That he named "emotions and dreams"
Leaving behind senses and anything that could bring hope

Without any regrets, gaining time and new ideas,
He destroyed the key, traveling to the south
Diving into comprehension, satisfying himself
Forgetting senses and what could emote him

Pictures of nasty wishes
Are reflecting his emptiness

Time changed its pattern and form
A gift was done from the dying sun
A dark crying heart that could release him
Burning in his hands he was the keeper

The gift was useless for emotions were sealed
He never felt this heart, zero affection
Leaving it mercilessly
Thus, being embraced by the sun's weak lights

Carnal pleasure, lust and sex
Are notions haunting the human mind
Trapping him and wasting his time
Senses create emotions, emotions lead to the flesh

He crafted a useless shield
He locked himself in a jail called "void"
He could never understand that,
The emotional void is a trapped way for wisdom

Falling is your only choice
Everything left behind is unforgiving
Now you understand
You can celebrate your failure

He sealed what you once called "passion"
He brought him-self false knowledge
Reaching the glory of his ashes
Dying, his soul rotting forever

Void burned and scarred his face
Your mind is full of confusion
Laughing at yourself
Exhuming your forgotten past
Crying for him
Tears are feeding his black marsh…

03. Black Marsh

It was true, I could not forget it
The moon betrayed both of us
By summoning the cold winter
You left everything away infecting my blood
Stealing my heart and jailing it
Locking it in your sacred tears of silence…The Black Marsh

For I gave you my soul
But all of our feelings were unspoken

Imaginations and dreams swallowed you
Crushed by the kiss of that snake
The smoke suffocated my mind
And darkness embraced our dawn

You've reached the portal of thoughts
Traveling through the mind's ethereal dimensions
Discovering that horrible swamp of our creation
Where stars were nothing but only lamentations

Please listen to my screams
It is for you that I became a messenger
A wanderer of the night
Guided by the wind's whisper of humanity
You must realize that your spirit is held
In the darkest forest where woods cry for your doom
How could I save a hidden spirit?
How could I fix what time already destroyed in this black marsh?

I know I'm begging you with empty words
I know you will not walk further
I know you will not drink unholy water
I know that stars are listening to me
I know, I know, I know…

Wrong was I to fight for a lost being
You'll find those creatures devouring you slowly
I warned you, but you love this place
The black marsh still haunts my mind

Seven, the number of my curse
Darkening once again the book of our memories
Why am I shedding all my tears for you,
When your immortal smile is held frozen?

Standing before me with that vicious creature
You don't even imagine the pain I feel
I will await you forever and fall alone
And with my wrath the storm will blow one day

Return from the marsh
Return to my sea