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Negură Bunget - From Transilvanian Forest lyrics


04. Into the Mountain King's Realm

Over the Transilvanian's mountains
The Sabbath's haunting down,
The black of mystery
The sculptured of woods...
From the valley's deepness
Hear it screaming
And griming the fury of
Thee which lightness's opposed.
And the fogs whiteness
'S crawling under the grasp,
And from the forests stone
Dark shadows crawl upon it.
The darkness sword
Cuts the darkness filed way
The occult rage
Fronts its face

07. De Rece Sîngie

Pe-cie re vreme
Vintu cind bate
Lupi hamnisisera
Printre piraie
De rece singie
Sa savirsim
Jitavnic acmu
Noi junghiia-vom
Iara si iara
Nestine lumini
Pieri-va dzua
Si-n veci
Doar nopte
S-o pogori.

08. Sculptured Fog

The forest screaming
powers' coming down,
With the darkness creatures
screaming in the moon,
As in front of a pagan
wind sculptured stone.
A blood trail living
it behind,
From which the death
steps into the forever fog