Royal Hunt - Intervention lyrics


01. Intervention (part 1)

Music & lyrics by André Andersen
Would you belIeve if I said that all what you know is gone
Nightmare which you never thought could come out of your dream.
It's done, I tell you.

Purposeless rage came down from the skies
Counting the end of your world - open your eyes...

02. Lies

Music & lyrics by André Andersen
Feels like I'm covered in lies
So turn off the light, I'm closing my eyes
Flying back - ages ago
Curtain is down and I'm ready to go
Back to the day when I looken into your eyes
Straight to your heart - when I knew
You've been telling me lies

Even the day when we met
I'll always recall with the deepest regret
Tell me what keeps you awake:
Talk of the angel or soul of the snake?
How can you live in your shadow from within
Hiding away from the light in the river of sin?

Lies, neverending lies, I see it in your eyes
Did you stop believing ?
Lies always cold as ice, even heaven cries
For you, but not forgiving
Lies - the way to paradise you're gonna pay the price
On the field of growing lies
Neverending lies need a sacrifice -
You're the one who's going down

Dealing with you on my own
Loosing my faith so I have to be strong
Crossing the sea of mistrust while
Looking for gold which you covered with dust

03. Flight

Music & lyrics by André Andersen
Eye's of the night, keepin' me right
Engine's roaring like hell
Wing on my side, shakes of the light
Ready to go - I can tell

You better sit upright or you'll fall down
No one's gonna help you miles around
There's no place for tears or fear of heights
Nothing- just the thunder of flight

Fly forever and try -
Cross over the sky-
Feelin' the wind blow.
Cry for losers who died
They're watching you fly-
Over the rainbow

Scary how fast you're down in the dust,
Watching the sign in the sky
Kill or get killed, glory and thrill
Waitin' for one who'll survive
I had a dream last night and I say you burn
Right on the edge of the point of no return
No more excuses and no more comin' back,
Light of the sun - it's turnin' black

04. Follow Me

Music & lyrics by André Andersen
If pictures could talk there'd be too many voices
If sorrow could scream I'd be deaf in a day
I beg my memories to slowly fade away
Too many voices

If pain could've been seen there'd be too many faces
Wherever I'd go - I'd rather be blind
And in the darkest night I'd loose my guiding light
But you I'll find even if I'm blind

Follow me - but I don't know where I'm going
Follow me down the road to something new
Follow me - there's no other way of knowing
What your heart is telling you

I'm planting my hopes and I harvest illusions
Year after year - understood by a few
Sometimes it seems like I'm getting through to you
But it's just an illusion

05. U-Turn

Music & lyrics by André Andersen
Somebody told me I was dreaming
"You can forget about changing the rules
There is no simple way of living" said liars and fools

Feels like I'm movin' round in circles
'Coz any turn I make won't let me get away
Would you beleive in happy endings what ever they say?

Every day, every night
I'm still searching for my ray of light
Day by day, night by night
Am I closer, please, somebody tell me!

Last U-turn on the way to my dream
And I hope I can make it at last
Last U-turn and I'm ready to win
Leaving heartache and pain in the past

How many miles have I've been walkin'
How many years has passed - it's a very heavy load
Through neverending mindless talking
'Til the end of the road