Wreck Of The Hesperus - Eulogy For The Sewer Dwellers lyrics


01. The Dull Fog Of Eternity

What first appeared
A play of unlight
Has now solidified
Into a cold, black monolith
A tomb for your brain
for your frame
Commanding it to the
Depths of the ocean
No light down here
Just the dull fog of eternity

02. Electric Arrows

Weight. Cross. 'Round our necks.
Can't cut this tumour.
Grows, it grows, it's growing.
World. Stone. On our backs.

Weighing the hearst of the dead
Against the feather of truth
Drawing a suitable punishment
Over a brimming world of sin.

03. Blood On The Snare

I stab at the ethereal mask,
The cross slips to the side,
A question-mark forever... Amen.

Hanging on our walls,
Hanging in our homes,
Hanging around our necks,
It hangs us by our necks.

I will give you the rope
If you promise to swing...

A lifetime to unpick
The knots of the invisible worlds
Of perpetual torture.