Uriah Heep - Fallen Angel lyrics


01. Woman Of The Night

Ride along lady woman of the night
Looking for a place to go
Dancing on storm clouds
Hiding from the light
Looking for an easy Joe
You just wanna play around
Searching for a higher ground

Walking every side street
Kicking up the leaves
Running from the pouring rain
Standing on the corners
Shaking from the cold
Only got yourself to blame
You just wanna play around
Searching for a higher ground

Someone who could
Make you happy
Someone who would care
You've broken your life
Beyond repair
You're reaching for every rainbow
You're wondering why
Don't reach out for love
'Cause it's a lie

You've got your number on the wall
Of some deserted station hall
Is this your only claim to fame
Will you just play your waiting game
But you won't stop the things you do
Some night the evil get to you

02. Falling In Love

Falling keep on falling
Keep on falling love

Now I don't mind
All this running around
Seems I've been doing it
Most of my life
My music's been kind
But some days I find
It brings me two kinds of trouble
And three kinds of strife

So don't try to compare it
'Cause I just want to
Share it with some people
I like to call friends
There ain't nothing bad and
No need to feel sad
And there's certainly no need
To make amends

It won't do you no harm and
There's no cause for alarm
I won't be praying for
Help from above
If the only thing
Wrong with rock and roll
Is that I keep on falling in love

If the only thing
Wrong with rock and roll
Is that I keep on falling
Keep on falling
Keep on falling in love

03. One More Night

One more night ...

City lights are
Burning in the distance
Seems they're tellin' me
To hurry home
But I can't push these
Wheels of mine no harder
So hold on baby for
One more night alone

There's time for me to take just
One look over my shoulder
One last glance at
What's been going on
'Cause I'll be there at
First light in the morning
We'll pick up the pieces
And baby, then we'll be long gone

Pick up the pieces and run with me
As fast as you can
You know you always said
I was the man
Pick up the pieces, let's do it now
Let's say our last farewell
Tomorrow may be too late
As far as I can tell

04. Put You Lovin' On Me

Lady oh lady you're
Driving me crazy
You brought out the devil in me
You turned on my fire
With words of desire
You sure put the lovin'
Sure put the lovin' on me

You're sending me reeling
With love that you're giving
Spinning my poor heart around
The feelings that should be
Have finally saved me
You sure put the lovin'
Sure put the lovin' on me

Ain't no use in trying
I never would deny that
I love you love you
Ain't no doubt about it
I just can't live without it
I love you love you
Yes I love you, I really love you

Don't know what it is
That you're putting down
I only know it ain't no game
I only know what you're doing to me
And baby you're the one to blame

Lady oh lady you're
Driving me crazy
You're flying me high
With your eyes
There's no use in trying
Ain't no use denying
You sure put the lovin'
Sure put the lovin' on me
Yes, you did
Sure put your lovin'
Sure put your lovin' on me

Put your lovin', put your lovin' on me

05. Come Back To Me

Alone again, I feel so alone again
With this emptiness I just can't hide
Picture me with a broken heart
See the tears run down my face

Everything I had has gone
Everything is gone
Loneliness still lingering on
Everything I thought was mine
Come back to me
Can't we try it one more time
Come back to me

I know I'll find another love in time
But you'll always be there
In the back of my mind
The power of love
Can bring such pain
I still love you, I just love you

Alone again, I'm so alone again
With nothing but you on my mind
Can't you see
What you've done to my life
What can I do to
Win you back again

06. Whad 'Ya Say

Whad'ya say ...

Lady you're tyin' me down
Turning my heart to stone
And I can't help feeling
I'd be better off
Back out in the streets alone

Baby you're hurtin' me
Deserting me again
I looked for your loyalty
And found a fickle friend

We could try to get back
On the right track baby
Or leave it, just throw it away
We could pick it up, pack it up
Make up or break up
Let's try it again

Faced with this situation
There's two things we can do
A lot of it is up to us
But most of it's down to you
You know we
Shouldn't play with love
It's a dangerous thing to do
So let's not get agony
And ecstasy confused

07. Save it

Save it, save it, save it all for me ...

Save it, save it
You've gotta save it all for me

Gonna take my heart and my soul
And lay it onto someone's daughter
Gonna give out all that I got
To the woman who sits by the water

Gonna spend the rest of my time
With the woman by the winding river
Gonna let her know
That I'll give her all
That I got forever and ever

She knows what I like
She knows what I need
And babe let me tell you
She'll give it all to me

08. Love Or Nothing

You gotta make up your mind
'Cause you're running out of time
You know it's your game
And the winner takes all
It's time for you to realise
There's gonna be no compromise
It's gotta be love or nothing at all

It's gotta be love or nothing at all

I've thought about a new beginning
But you know your heart's not in it
There's something inside
That ain't hearing my call
And each new misty morning
Brings a constant warning
It's gotta be love or nothing at all

It's gotta be love

You give me your love
Or nothing at all
You give me your love

It's no good climbing
In the back seat
In the name of love
Or tryin' to be somebody
That you know you're not
Sneakin' out the back door
At the dead of night
'Cause you're never gonna find out
What it's really like

09. I'm Alive

How strange when
You know the feeling
That something ain't right
You're fooled by the need of being
You're blind to the light
Don't ask where
The stranger leads you
He'll show you the way
Just go out and make your conquest
You've something to say

I'm alive, I'm alive and I'm me
I've just got to be free
I'm alive to the world

There's been so much
Bad time wasted
Just look and you'll see
We've got so much going for us
It's not just a dream
Let's look and we'll find the answers
To questions I've made
We'll reach out for new beginnings
Let love show the way

Let's leave our past behind
The love can make us blind
But now we know
That we're alive

10. Fallen Angel

Fallen angel ...

Everyone I see reminds me of you
I keep turnin' round
Expectin' you to be there
I keep seein' our past
Through my looking glass
But fallen angel
Where are you now

After all these years
I remember the tears
When we parted you said
Don't forget me
You were ridin' so high
Now they're passin' you by
Girl I've never forgot you
Please come and get me

Livin' without you is
Hard enough anyway
But knowin' you're hurtin'
Makes it so much worse every day

I just wanna love you
Any way that I can
And watching you cry wasn't
Part of my plan

Tell me how did it feel
In your promised land
That you chose as
Your pain and your pleasure
A temporary sanctuary
Oh fallen angel
I'm your real treasure